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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 29 Recap

Xuezhu returned to Laojingou from her home in the south. She did not find any food, so she came to Alima’s tribe. Seeing the child grow up, she was happy in her heart. Alima reminded her to have an appointment with herself. Seeing that Xuezhu missed the child, Alima decided to return the child to Xuezhu, and told Shun that Xuezhu was his biological mother and Guanliang was his father.

The three of them rushed to Harbin to look for food management. Guan Shui was worried about his relatives and wanted to reunite with Guan Ying Guanliang, so he took Katya and left Ignace Village. Lang Da collected grain from the farmers’ homes and kept the price down. The people were bullied and hated him.

Boss Han took away all the grains from the people’s homes with a tactic of turning tigers away from the mountains. Lang Da took the bandits to Guan Ying’s house to provoke him. During the confrontation, he found that Boss Han’s skill was far above him, and left angrily. Guan Shui took Katja and the child around to find Guan Ying’s house. Guan Ying was happy but cold on the face.

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