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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 26 Recap

Guan Liang received the news from He Ketu that the Eight-Power Allied Forces had reached Beijing and would soon reach Harbin. Considering that Alima’s tribe was close to the border, he would be implicated in the war. He informed the old Amai of the situation. Alima gave Yu a new name “Shun”, and she took care of her and she lived in the tribe with peace and happiness. Guanliang Heshun hits it off, and asks about the child’s life experience, but Alima is speechless.

Guan Liang went into the mountains to find Guan Shui, and advised him to take the bandits to Harbin to fight against foreigners. When the war broke out, Xie Lejin took the opportunity to rebuild his “Far East Gold Mine” and exchanged fire with the grain control team in Laojingou. Old Amai learned that Guanliang was trapped and led the tribe to attack foreigners from behind. But the tribe was captured by foreigners, and Old Amai died in battle.

The team in charge of food lost to the foreigners’ muskets, and Lu Han and Qiuzi died in battle. Guan Liang was seriously injured and rescued by Alima. Guan Shui also lost the battle against the Russians led by Samaryov in Harbin, and the injured Guan Shui escaped to Katya’s house accidentally.

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