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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 25 Recap

The gold mining machine made by Zhou Guangzong was recognized by everyone. He told Guanliang that the paper used to write “Placer Gold” was extremely scarce, and Guanliang only got a few sheets after traveling all over Laojingou. Zhou Guangzong had to write “Aventurine” on his clothes, and he only wore ragged clothes. Guan Liang was very touched by his attitude of being a new man.

Guan Liang and Zhou Guangzong went to the deep mountains to explore the golden veins. They encountered bad weather. The two who had escaped from the avalanche were trapped on the vast snowy field. They had to rely on each other to keep warm. Guan Liang was injured and gradually became unconscious. Zhou Guangzong was rescued. Liang took off all his clothes to him. When Lu Han and others found the two early the next morning, Zhou Guangzong had frozen to death.

In order to control the grain market in Harbin, Lang Da planned to seize shares in Youfang and Shaokuo. He sent Zhu Kun to the steward Shaokuo to persuade him to surrender, and Guan Ying and Han Boss drove him out of the bad curse. Samaryov took Katya and the child out of Ignace Village and went to Harbin with the army. Katya left a note on the door to pipe water.

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