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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 24 Recap

Zhou Guangzong quickly ordered the brigade to chase after him. In order to distract the chasing soldiers, Guan Liang asked Xuezhu to go first. Finally Guan Liang was caught by Yao Cheng. Zhou Guangzong’s embezzlement of gold and the sale of official positions failed. Heilongjiang General Mansion was ordered to investigate thoroughly. Zhou Guangzong intended to put the grain to death and end the troubles, but he didn’t want the Heilongjiang general to visit to take over the grain and enter Beijing, saving the grain that was almost buried by Zhou Guangzong.

Xuezhu fainted on the way to escape and was rescued by Boss Shen and his family passing by and sent him to his hometown in Wuxi. Guan Ying opened a new cooking pot in Harbin, and invited a great brewer to brew a new wine, named “Kanto No.1 Burning”. Zhu’s cooking pot killed three people because of fake liquor. Customers came to ask for their orders, and Zhu’s cooking pot tree sank the hustle. Guan Liang and He Ketu and his group returned to Laojingou.

The court appointed Guan Liang as the general office, and Zhou Guangzong was dismissed and sentenced to death. Guan Liang pleaded for Zhou Guangzong, thinking that Zhou Guangzong was a rare mining talent who could make gold panning equipment and writing methods, and was a usable person. Zhou Guangzong is grateful to Guan Liang for his life-saving grace regardless of previous suspicion.

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