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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 23 Recap

Zhou Guangzong set out to develop the sand washing machine, and joined hands with Yao Cheng to buy and sell official positions. The bandits led people to burn Zhou Guangzong’s house, and Zhou Guangzong once again ordered Guanliang to suppress the bandits. Guan Liang sent Xuezhu to Fujiadian to find his sister Guan Ying, and tried to force the bandits to submit. Both sides opened fire. I don’t think the bandit is someone else, but his own brother-Guanshui. Two people, one official and one bandit met again.

Zhou Guangzong was furious after knowing that Guanliang deliberately released the water used by bandits to rob money and wanted to execute Guanliang in public. Man’er took the drinks to the execution ground and wanted to take care of the food for the last time. Xuezhu went to the execution ground to intercede for the grain control, but the grain control was not allowed to bow to Zhou Guangzong. To save food, Xuezhu reluctantly agreed to marry Zhou Guangzong.

Guan Shui dreamed of Katja, and was very worried, so he decided to visit her again. When we meet again, Katya is married and is pregnant with Samariov’s child. Xuezhu was forced to marry Zhou Guangzong. In despair, he was about to hang himself. Guanliang climbed to the attic to rescue Xuezhu, and the two fled Laojingou together.

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