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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 22 Recap

On the guillotine Langda pretended to die for the water pipe, and the pipe water asked Langda to tell Katja that he was dead.

Seeing that the water pipes must die, Jin Jin and others proposed to use mosquito torture according to the rules of the mine. They tied the pipes to the jungle and coated them with honey. In the middle of the night, Kaneko and others replaced the pipes with fake corpses, and the pipes could save their lives. Katya thought that the water pipe was dead and was heartbroken.

Samaryov, who had long loved Katya, came to take care of him. Guan Liang went out and returned to the mine, and when he heard the news of his brother’s death, he was very angry and confronted Zhou Guangzong. Zhou Guangzong suggested that this was obedience to the will of the people, without any private thoughts. Yao Cheng suspected that Guan Shui’s death was something else.

Zhou Guangzong decided to dig a grave for an autopsy. Seeing that the food was not in the coffin, he let out a sigh of relief. Zhou Guangzong ordered the food to chase the water. Langda took the gold to Harbin. There may be a war between Japan and Russia. The Japanese God You Xia organized Langda to do business in the grain station for military rations. Katya held a wedding with Samaryov in despair. Guan Shui watched all this happen, and returned to China to become a bandit.

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