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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 21 Recap

Lang Da pretended to agree with Yao Chengda to make a payment, deceiving Zhou Guangzong’s private gold hiding place. Katya waited to take care of the water in Ignace, and the Russian army officer Samariov came to visit Katya. Langda leaked the private gold hiding place to the pipe water, and instigated the pipe water to steal gold. Guan Guo really stole the gold and buried it in the forest, thinking about giving it to his brothers in the future. When Zhou Guangzong learned that his private money had been stolen, he was very annoyed, and immediately put the water in the prison.

Xuezhu came to intercede, and Zhou Guangzong promised to let the people go as long as they told the hidden place. Xuezhu went to prison to persuade him to take care of the water, and the two of them settled their suspicions, and Guanshui agreed to tell the treasure. Yao Cheng came to Langda to ask for the gold to fail, only to realize that he had been fooled, and Langda had already taken the gold.

Zhou Guangzong did not find the gold, and he verbally claimed that the water pipe had stolen the gold from the imperial court and wanted to reward everyone with the water. Wang Fuen, who had previously escaped death, was instructed by Zhou Guangzong to instigate everyone to follow Zhou Guangzong. Qiuzi and Jinzi took the lead in maintaining the water pipes, begging Zhou Guangzong to keep the water pipes.

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