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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 19 Recap

Xuezhu and Guanliang are about to get married. Zhou Guangzong admires Xuezhu, and Xuezhu urges Guanliang to get married as soon as possible. Man’er was heartbroken when she learned of this. She made a wedding dress for Xuezhu. She was in a complicated mood and promised Qiuzi tearfully. As long as he got married with the food, he would have a good time with Qiuzi. Yao Cheng proposed to Zhou Guangzong to assassinate the food control to prevent the marriage.

Sure enough, within a few days, a group of bandits came to make trouble, and Guan Shui led the team to take it down. Zhou Guangzong took the matter to report to the General’s Mansion to eliminate banditry and request the court for funding. The military government agreed to suppress the bandits, and the money was deducted from the gold produced by the mine. Zhou Guangzong took this to cut the wages of the miners. Everyone was dissatisfied, and they went to the food supervisor to discuss together.

Langda has been lurking in the gold mine for a long time, and successfully obtained the gold vein map and the gold mine defense map. Guan Shui led a team to search for defense at night and caught Wang Fuen who was burying the gold. Zhou Guangzong saved him from his death, so that he could be useful in the future. As soon as Master Lin left, the wine quality of the steward’s cooking pot deteriorated, and with Zhu Kun’s run, the business of the cooking pot went from bad to worse. Alima came to see Xuezhu, and Xuezhu always mentioned the child every time he asked.

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