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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 18 Recap

The miners buried gold and didn’t want to be discovered by Yao Cheng. Zhou Guangzong got Yao Cheng’s secret report and knew everything about it, and passed on the grain for questioning. Zhou Guangzong led a team to find gold, Guan Shui and others came to rescue and manage food, and the two sides started a war. At the very moment, the general of Heilongjiang arrived and ordered the miners to surrender.

The gold was not found. Guan Liang told the general why he stole the gold, just because he was unwilling to escort the gold into Beijing to be the queen dowager Lafayette’s rouge money, hoping to use the gold for the national coastal defense construction.

Guanliang was whipped, and he didn’t even mention the hidden gold field. Xuezhu and Man’er went to rescue Guanliang. Xuezhu’s generous words suggested that the emperor should use gold for the right path. The country’s righteousness deeply shakes the generals and takes care of the food. Xuezhu gave food to the tube, and the tube water happened to be there, so he was still hostile to Xuezhu.

The emperor quasi-played, Guan Liang said about the Tibetan Golden Land, and the Heilongjiang general wanted to recommend Guan Liang as the general office, but the imperial court had already issued an order, and Zhou Guangzong was appointed as the general office. Guan Ying’s cooking pot is prospering day by day, and the husband and wife jointly expand their operations. The efficiency of manual sand washing is extremely low, and the mine started to study sand washing machines.

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