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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 17 Recap

Many brothers died in the collapse of the mine, and everyone buried their brothers in tears. One or two gold is a life, and the miners often live by a thread. Xuezhu went back to Laojingou to look for food, and the two cried bitterly. Guan Shui saw Xuezhu returning to the gold mine and ran away. Xuezhu did not mention the murder of his father to Guan Liang. The imperial court ordered Zhou Guangzong to be the leader of the post, responsible for depositing the deposit into Beijing. Last time the gold was transported to Beijing, it became Galeries Lafayette’s powder money.

The grain management and the miners were very angry, and refused to transport gold to the capital again. They discussed the robbery together. Xuezhu was reasonable and supported the idea of ​​grain management. Zhou Guangzong and Guan Liang set out to make a deposit together. In order to avoid the robbers, Zhou Guangzong suggested to temporarily change to Changhanling. Zhou Guangzong readily agreed. Changhanling is extremely cold, and the officers and soldiers can hardly withstand the severe cold.

Guanliang took the opportunity to instigate the officers and men to hide in the caves in batches to keep warm. Seeing that Qiuzi was not coming back, Man’er was very worried. Xuezhu was afraid of Man’er’s thinking and told the truth. General Heilongjiang was allowed to recover the gold within five days. Zhou Guangzong was anxious and did not know what to do. At the critical moment, Yao Cheng suddenly asked to see him.

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