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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 16 Recap

Katya’s heart gradually melted, and the lovers eventually became married. Guanliang went to Qiuzi’s house for dinner. Man’er had a deep affection for Guanliang and said that he and Qiuzi were not real husbands and wives, and still waited silently for food. Guan Liang missed Xuezhu in his heart and promised to treat Man’er like a brother and sister in the future. Lord Zhang was seriously ill and insisted on walking to the mine alone with the grain. The Qing Dynasty was mediocre and corrupt.

Zhang Daren predicted that the country would fall, implying that he would make good use of gold resources in the future. Lord Zhang died of illness, Guan Liang was ordered to escort the gold back to Beijing, and Zhou Guangzong actively operated the vacant post of the General Office. On the way back to the mine, Guan Liang settled in Fu Jiadian and stopped by to see his sister.

Guan Ying lamented that everything was unpredictable and hoped that the three brothers and sisters could be reunited. Xuezhu fell into disarray and waited for delivery, but thanks to the help of the store, he successfully gave birth to a baby boy, named Yusheng. God’s will make people, Guan Liang and Xue Zhu lived in the same shop and passed by, but didn’t know that the crying baby was his own flesh and blood. A year later, Xuezhu reluctantly sent the sound of rain to Alima, and promised not to recognize each other again.

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