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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan (2013) 闯关东前传

Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan
Other Title: 闯关东前传, Before the pass

Genres: drama, Historical, epic
 Wang Bin
Gao Mantang, Liu Yueli, Yang Beixing
Release Date: 
May 20, 2013
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Chuang Guandong Qian Zhuan 2013 version of TV drama told from 1868 to Xin Hai revolution period of about 40 years, Shandong Xiang Yong descent pipe, tube and tube grain water Ying brother and sister three people to avoid the government came to the East, legend and air plant in the earth. The eldest son to the housekeeper food experience as the main line, interspersed with discrete time between him and the three women’s love and hate and three siblings.

At the end of the 1960s, the British and French forces invaded and occupied Jiaodong, and the township Yong managed Datian and led the crowd to resist and was suppressed. Many years later, his son Guan Liang (played by Yu Xiaowei) Guan Shui (played by Zhao Yi) grew up, but he failed to avenge his father and was wanted by the government.

The patriotic county magistrate Jiang Shida (played by Ma Yingchun) was demoted and exiled. Before leaving, he asked his daughter Xuezhu (played by Xu Cuicui) to go to Kanto to find his foster father Zhang Huaiyuan (played by Wang Huichun). Guan Liang and Guan Shui came to work at the Jinshan Fortress in Guandong, and the intelligence of Guan Liang was very appreciated by Zhang Huaiyuan. Guan Mu (played by Sa Rina) and Guan Ying (played by Yan Xuejing) who were far away in their hometown also left the village because they were implicated. On the way, Mr. Guan passed away.

Guan Ying also started the road to the east of Guan. Later, she met the green forest hero Han Boss (played by Zhao Jun) ), the two became the best of Qin and Jin. In order to avoid arrest and arrest, Guanliang Guanshui escaped from the Golden Mountain with the help of Zhang Huaiyuan. In the deep mountains and old forests, they met the Oroqen people who were panning for gold. From then on, they began their gold panning career in Laojingou…

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