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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 8 Recap

Randa entrusted the Russians to process the diamonds with them, and then managed to steal the diamonds and persuade the Russians to catch Randa alive. Langda is eloquent and eloquent, claiming that he saved the water. Guan Shui met the boxing champion old Ivan, and fell in love with the old Ivan’s daughter Katya.

The witch visited Zhao Baichang’s house again and warned Zhao Baichang that if he didn’t flee far away, he would be a disaster. Zhao Baichang did all the wicked things, and, fearing karma, he took his wife away from home. Boss Han and Guan Ying had a fun life.

In order to find his brother, Guan Shui and the old Ivan crossed the border to China for gold. Old Ivan’s horse was frightened, and the food in charge passed by to save his life. The two drank together. Seeing that the old Iwan was drunk, Guan Shui went to Yexian to make trouble, and met his long-lost brother Guanliang. The brothers met again and learned that the sister Guan Ying had already settled in Longquan Town, very happy.

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