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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 7 Recap

Zhao Baichang is interested in Guan Ying, but Han boss is in a dilemma. On the day when Zhao Baichang married Guan Ying, the sedan chair caught fire. The boss of Han asked the witch to tell Zhao Baichang that the female yin was too strong and she had to stay alone in the west wing for 3 months, during which time she could not see Zhao Baichang. Boss Han had a tryst with Guan Ying every night and was discovered by Mrs. Zhao Baichang. The eldest lady was also robbed, very sympathetic to Guan Ying.

The gold bandit Xie Lejin went to the Sino-Russian border to survey the geology and found that there was a lot of gold here. He wanted to establish a Far East gold mine in China and take the gold mine as his own. He Xiaobao guessed that the golden vein map was hidden in the close-fitting clothes that control food, and he wanted to poison the food.

Guan Liang had already seen through the trickery and took the medicine in advance. He Xiaobao thought that Guanliang was dead, so he swallowed Jinmaitu and fled in a hurry. Guan Liang asked Jin Jin to inform the Yamen, and He Xiaobao was arrested and the picture was taken.

Guan Shui followed Zhao Haishan and stole a lot of diamonds from the Russian factory. He didn’t want to encounter an ambush. Guan Shui was pushed down the hillside and Zhao Haishan was killed.

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