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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 6 Recap

Guan Shui followed Zhao Haishan in the diamond business, and didn’t want to be conspired to escape. Langda tried to test the water halfway, and the two did not know each other, and went to the cafe to see Zhao Haishan.

Boss Han is obsessed with Guan Ying, and in order to win her favor, she personally made a dressing box and gave it to Guan Ying. Guan Ying has a passion for Boss Han. The town held a seeding competition, and took the first place in spite of not losing to the big man. Sun San’er’s brother-in-law Zhao Baichang fell in love with Guan Ying, and wanted to take Guan Ying as a concubine, so he found the original younger brother Han Boss.

Guan Liang led the group to re-select the land to dig for gold, and soon he dug up the gold lump. The Jehol Gang looked jealous and started fighting, saying that Cao was incompetent. Guan Liang unloaded the self-help door panel to the Jehol Gang, saying that the Jehol Gang would produce gold soon, and he supported Cao. Regarding food and materials, the Rehe Gang really paid out money.

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