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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 5 Recap

The awake boss Han admired Guan Ying in his heart, and went down the mountain to help manage the land. He wanted to marry Guan Ying as his wife, but he didn’t want to touch his nose. Guan Liang brought Jin Miao and Qiuzi to look for Jin Miao, and He Xiaobao took the opportunity to look for Jin Mai Tu in the Guan Liang room. He Xiaobao’s heart is not dead, and he failed to steal pictures several times.

Xuezhu accompanied his father to Longquan Town and rested at Guan Ying’s house with the escorted officers and soldiers. Jiang Shida feared that the officers and soldiers would be disadvantageous to Xuezhu, and begged Guan Ying for help. Guan Ying deliberately poured drunk snow bamboo during dinner. Xue Zhu woke up the next day, Jiang Shida was taken away by officers and soldiers. Knowing that his father was gone, Xuezhu was sad and wept, planning to find his adoptive father Zhang Huaiyuan.

Guan Ying and Xuezhu were about to worship their sisters, they learned that Xuezhu was Jiang Shida’s daughter and wanted to avenge their father. ‘We recommend Guanliang Dangye County to help a lot. The Jehol Gang rioted and grabbed the site, and Daddy Jin Jin was killed by the Jehol Gang. Guan Liang went to the meeting alone and captured Cao Chengyi, the boss of the Rehe Gang, to resolve grievances.

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