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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 4 Recap

He Xiaobao once again attracted the Qing soldiers, pretended to take away the food. Guanliang wanted to take in a group of Yexian refugees to mine and dig gold together, but He Xiaobao couldn’t stop it. Guan Shui fled to a small town on the Sino-Russian border, Zhao Haishan took a good look at the water management skills, and pulled in the group.

Guan Ying went all the way north and settled in Longquan Town, Liaoning Province. Sun San’er ran a horse to encroach on the crops of the management, and was beaten by the management. Guan Ying visits Sun San’er’s house, and the relationship between the two eases.

Guan Ying was busy working in the field, when a group of wild boars ran into the field, and everyone was at a loss. Guan Ying picked up the torch and took the lead in driving away the wild boar. When the crops are ripe, I will worship my parents and tell myself that everything is fine. Guan Ying is harvesting corn in the field, not wanting to run into the bandits on the mountain. The bandit Han boss bullied others and forced the people to pay tribute. The villagers dared not speak.

Guan Ying has a straightforward and strong temperament, and refuses to pay food, and is forcibly taken up the mountain by Han’s boss. Facing a colony of bandits, take care of anxious and wise, drunk a big bowl of bandits. The bandits had not woken up early the next morning, so Guan Ying cooked a pot of breakfast and rode a donkey down the mountain leisurely.

Xuezhu returned to Beijing to ask for help at the Prince’s Mansion. Jiang Shida was sent off lightly and exiled to the Kanto area. Xuezhu accompanied him all the way.

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