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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Huaiyuan wanted to match Xue Zhu and Zhou Guangzong, but Xue Zhu politely declined. Zhang Huaiyuan wanted to be the chief foreman of the grain, but Guanliang said that he and his younger brother were both fugitives and could not be the foreman. The capital quickly sent an urgent message, and Zhang Huaiyuan was asked to help trace the Fugitive Guan Brothers in Yexian County and the daughter of Jiang Shida, the criminal official. Zhang Huaiyuan asked the housekeeper brothers to take Xuezhu and flee together. Xuezhu was eager to save his father, and went to Beijing overnight to leave without saying goodbye to the housekeeper brother.

Guanliang and Guanshui went all the way north to Heilongjiang, surrounded by tribesmen because of the accidental killing of the Oroqen animal. After cross-examination, they learned that they were the nephew of Suo Changshan, the family’s lifesaver, and resolved their grievances. Suo Changshan is dead, and the patriarch introduced Suo Changshan’s friend He Xiaobao to meet the two brothers.

The daughter of the tribe’s old Amai was bitten by a beast, and she was rescued by cutting her blood. He Xiaobao stayed in the clan to find the golden vein map, and to prevent the steward brothers from stealing the golden vein map, he reported the two to Qingbing.

During the fleeing, the food pipe was pinched by the animal clip and injured his leg. Worried about dragging the pipe water, he pushed the pipe water into the river and let him go first. Alima then rescued the food and hid in the cave. It turned out that the golden vein map was hidden in the bones of the animal hanging around He Xiaobao’s neck. Old Amai gave the golden vein map to Guanliang.

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