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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 15 Recap

Jiang Shida reluctantly said that he was forced to suppress Xiangyong at that time, and that he knew that he wanted to let Jiang Shida go. Guan Shui is jealous and hateful, saying that unless his elder brother does not marry Xue Zhu, he will never let Jiang Shida go, and Guan Liang reluctantly agrees. Knowing that Guanliang was not married, Qiuzi moved out of the house by herself, wanting to fulfill Man’er and Guanliang. Man’er went to Guan Ying and cried that she was trapped at home by her second aunt and could not go to Guan Ying with Guan Ying.

The emperor married and pardoned the world. Jiang Shida was released and went to work in Beijing. Xuezhu accompanied his father. Langda sneaked into a gold mine in order to raise war funds for Japan. Knowing the details, he wanted to instigate Guan Shui to assassinate Jiang Shida, so he seized Guan Shui’s handle in murdering the imperial court order officer for future use. The three brothers and sisters had dinner and said goodbye.

Jin Jin told Guanliang that Jiang Shida was about to leave for the capital. Guan Shui’s murderous renewed intent, unable to withstand Lang Da’s provocation, went straight after Jiang Shida, Lang Da followed closely behind. Guan Shui killed Jiang Shida and let go of the snow bamboo that had been pregnant with food and blood. Guan Shui then went to the Russian border town of Ignace to confess to Katya and took care of him every day.

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