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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Jiujiu was heartbroken when Guan Ying was drunk. Guan Ying cried loudly, saying that he would stay in the funeral for the boss for 3 years and could not repay Master Lin Jiu’s great kindness. Guan Liang and Alima searched for the golden veins and discovered the truth about the golden veins. When it was hard to see the true feelings, Master Lin reset the pot and brewed new wine, quickly opened the market, and government offices also came to order wine.

Master Lin originally sold his house and used the master’s exclusive wine recipe to help Guan Ying reopen the pot. Guan Ying was greatly moved, and let Master Lin live in his own home. Lin Jiujiu violated his teacher training and decided to take his master to leave Fujiadian.

Rang Tashi is Japanese and a member of the “Tianyou Xia Troupe” in Japan. Japan and Russia may go to war, the organization ordered Langda to go to Laojingou to raise funds. Guan Shui and the old Ivan led the people to rob the Russian diamonds. Old Ivan was unfortunately shot. Before his death, he entrusted his daughter Katya to Guan Shui. Guan Shui went to the Russian border town, informed Katya of the bad news, and confided her love to Katya. Katya was immersed in the pain of losing his father and couldn’t let it go.

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