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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 12 Recap

Guan Liang asked Alima for help and asked Master Zhang to go back to the ditch, while playing chess to delay time. Two wins in three games, the two win each other. In a critical moment, Lord Zhang arrived in time and saved Xuezhu with a draw. Lord Zhang denounced the old rules and bad habits of the people’s mines, and wanted to punish Lu Han. After this difficulty, Guanliang and Xuezhu had a secret relationship and set a lifelong secret.

The new policy of the imperial court reduced the wages of the miners, and the miners were very dissatisfied. Lord Zhang spoke earnestly, saying that the treasury has suffered serious deficits in recent years and hopes the miners will understand. Guanliang is willing to hand over the gold vein map to increase the amount of gold, thereby increasing the income of the miners. Zhou Guangzong looked for ore seedlings according to the picture, not wanting to be fruitless.

The steward’s pot is newly opened and the business is booming. Guan Yingtuo brings a letter to her elder brother. Zhu’s cooking pot on the same street was jealous and bad, and the butler’s cooking pot was broken. The steward’s cooking pot was left in the cold, and this was anxious Guan Ying, she brought soju and side dishes to Zhu’s cooking pot. Guan Ying on the wine table and Zhu Kun, the treasurer of Zhu’s family, had a booze, sincerely seeking peace.

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