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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 11 Recap

Lord Zhang was helpless and sent someone to Yexian to inquire about Man’er’s whereabouts. Man’er’s second aunt lied that Man’er had passed away long ago, and Guan Liang was very sad when he learned that. Master Zhang obtained the approval of the court to lead troops to destroy the Far East gold mines. The gold mines were collected as state-owned. Master Zhang Huaiyuan was appointed as the general manager and Zhou Guangzong was sent to co-organize it. Guan Ying cried bitterly when he learned that Boss Han had gone, but fleeing to Fujiadian with the children, and managed to start a noodle shop business.

Lin Jiujiu was down and down, so he had to take care of Ying and he became a cook. The business of the noodle shop is improving day by day, and Master Lin suggested that Guan Ying open a pot to expand his business. Xuezhu delivered clothes to Guanliang and met his old father Jiang Shida, and the father and daughter were reunited. Lord Zhang was out of business, the gold mine had an accident, and the grain manager was injured. Xuezhu was anxious and hurried to the mine to take care of the grain.

According to the rule handed down since ancient times, women are not allowed to go one step further in the mine, otherwise they will never withdraw gold. Seeing Xuezhu cut everyone’s money, Lu Han took the lead to execute Xuezhu. Zhou Guangzong used this to force the grain control to decide, and the grain control had to agree to follow the rules. Because Xuezhu violated the mine regulations for the purpose of managing grain, Guanliang would like to play a game of life and death with Xuezhu to delay time.

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