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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 10 Recap

The situation is critical, so I managed to understand the situation, persuaded everyone to fight against foreign enemies together, and asked Master Zhang Huaiyuan who had been transferred to Jilin Prefecture to help. A letter from Qiuzi’s hometown tells him to return to Yexian to marry a wife, and ask Qiuzi to inquire about Man’er.

When Qiuzi went home to get married, he didn’t think the bride was Man’er, and promised to take Man’er to find the food. Guanliang ran into Xuezhu on the way to Jilin, and the two went to Jilin Mansion together. Zhang Huaiyuan concluded that Xie Liejin’s hand-wrote was false, and invited troops to the court to destroy the Far East gold mines. Xuezhu gradually became interested in Guanliang, Zhang Huaiyuan wanted to match the two, but Guanliang couldn’t let Man’er go, so he politely declined.

The boss was not on the mountain, and the bandits gradually had opinions. Guan Ying prepares wine and meat to let Han Boss go up the mountain to reward the brothers. He doesn’t want the second master Feng Donkey to stand on his own as king. Boss Han escapes from the dead and lets Guan Ying take the children and leave first.

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