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Chuang Guan Dong Qian Zhuan 闯关东前传 Episode 1 Recap

In 1868, the British and French forces occupied Yantai, and Shandong Township raised its flag to resist. In Ye County, Shandong Province, Guan Datian led Xiang Yong to fight foreigners. The Qing government was incompetent and ordered the prefect Jiang Shida to assist foreigners in suppressing the courage and destroying the clan. Jiang Shida was reluctantly ordered to suppress, and Heiqi Xiangyong was wiped out. Jiang Shida concealed the court to keep Xiangyong’s family, but he was misunderstood by the descendants of the black flag.

Twelve years later, Guan Datian’s two sons, Guan Liang and Guan Shui, avenged his father and assassinated Jiang Shida and were chased by officers and soldiers. Guan Mu asked the two brothers to seek refuge from Pan Erye. If they fail, they will go to Guandong to find his uncle Suo Changshan. Before leaving, Guanliang said goodbye to his childhood sweetheart, Man’er, and the two clapped and vowed to make a marriage contract.

But after Guanliang left, Man’er was forcibly told by his aunt. Pan Erye was down and down, pretending to be crazy to scare away the two brothers. Guan’s mother and her daughter Guan Ying also fled the village. Guan’s mother was seriously ill and temporarily settled at Pan Erye.

Jiang Shida was killed by the memorial. Before the officers and soldiers came to arrest him, he asked his daughter Jiang Xuezhu to go to Guandong to find his adoptive father Zhang Huaiyuan. Guan Liang, Guan Shui, and Xue Zhu stayed in the same black shop. The two butler brothers saved Xue Zhu’s life in distress. The imperial court recruited workers in Shandong to build the Lushun coastal defense project, and took the ship to manage grain and water.

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