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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 35 Recap

Cheng Jianjun approached Li Yuejin to ask about the whereabouts of Meng Xiaoxing, but Li Yuejin didn’t know that Cheng Jianjun’s fraud level had reached the level of falsehood, unless an expert could see through. Cheng Jian asked Li Yuejin to be his assistant with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, but he could not tell Meng Shangzao. Li Yuejin agreed.

After returning home, he told Meng Shangzao to work as a consultant for an antique company and lied that he had nothing to do with Cheng Jianjun. Cheng Jianjun took Xu Beihong’s calligraphy and painting to his uncle Su Meng. Su Meng thought it was true after reading it. Cheng Jianjun wanted to lure them into hooking at a price of 30,000 yuan.

Cheng Jianjun wants to occupy a place in Beijing’s collection industry in a short time. Uncle Su Meng wants to join hands with him to defeat Han Chunming, which is exactly what Cheng Jianjun wants to do. Broken Hou Neng took Meng Xiaoxing because she knew that she and Cheng Jianjun had divorced. She wanted him to adopt herself as an apprentice. Broken Hou agreed to consider it. Meng Xiaoxing was still thinking of Broken Hou’s legacy. Meng Xiaoxing called Han Chunming to prepare for divorce with Cheng Jianjun, and Han Chunming prepared to rush over after receiving the call.

Su’s mother came to Han Chunming’s house and asked about the two of them. Han Chunming explained that he did not want to marry Su Meng, and went out after apologizing. Han Chunming didn’t expect that Meng Xiaoxing would be in the shabby Hou’s house. She wanted to get a divorce as soon as possible. Han Chunming approached Cheng Jianjun and asked Xiaoxing to go through divorce procedures with him. Li Yuan was also surprised by Su Meng’s throwing the ring. She didn’t regret it. Li Yuan can buy several pieces of land in Fangshan District through her relationship. In order to create momentum and help Fangshan to attract investment, Su Meng connected a group of Lao Cha with Guan Xiaoguan’s family and Cheng Jianjun and others to Fangshan to negotiate.

In front of Su Meng, Cheng Jianjun accused Han Chunming of taking Meng Xiaoxing to go through the divorce procedures. Li Yuan advised Su Meng to confirm it. She let Su Meng observe in her car the next day. Su Meng and Li Yuan saw Han Chunming and Meng Xiaoxing getting off the car in the car. Cheng Jianjun didn’t want to offend Xiao Xing, but was afraid that Xing Xing said that he made a fake den, so they agreed. So Cheng Jianjun and Xiao Xing went through the divorce procedures. Meng Xiaoxing moved back to the Han family.

After Han Chunming returned to the company, he told Cai Xiaoli about the divorce between Cheng Jianjun and Meng Xiaoxing, and Meng Xiaoxing was accepted by Han Mu. Han Chunming didn’t want to invest in Fangshan because he didn’t want to see Su Meng. Li Yuejin told Cheng Jianjun that he overheard Han Chunming’s call. Cheng Jianjun called Uncle Su Meng and said that Han Chunming was taking the No. 3 plot, and Uncle Su Meng asked Su Meng to study the information on that plot. Guan Xiaoguan’s parents talked to Uncle Su Meng about cooperation, and they were going to visit Fangshan first.

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