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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 34 Recap

Han Chunming found his elder brother and asked about Li Yuejin. When he asked the reason, his elder brother said that it was Meng Xiaoxing’s gift, and he gave it to Li Yuejin to sell it. Han Chunming asked Meng Xiaoxing about the blue-and-white pot. Meng Xiaoxing pretended that she didn’t think so much, and that Han Chunming wanted to sever her justice. She believed that imitations would not break the law since ancient times. Meng Xiaoxing took Han Chunming to play tricks. Han Chunming found a buyer to solve the problem for Li Yuejin, and he asked Meng Xiaoxing to let Li Yuejin go home through Xiaozao.

When Cheng Jianjun went home, he saw that Meng Xiaoxing’s clothes were gone. When she called, Meng Xiaoxing had turned off the phone. She came to Han Mu to complain, and Xiaozao also lied that she didn’t know where her sister had gone. Cheng Jianjun was very angry when he arrived home. He saw the note left by Meng Xiaoxing. She told him not to find himself.

Meng Xiaoxing went to another place. If he agreed to the divorce, she contacted Han Chunming. She advised him not to do such wickedness thing. Cheng Jianjun talked to Uncle Su Meng. He was reluctant to bear the collection. Cheng Jianjun asked Uncle Su Meng to go home to look at those things. Uncle Su Meng liked it very much after seeing it, and he planned to buy a few.

Han Chunming told Han Mu the reason why Meng Xiaoxing left. He couldn’t control Cheng Jianjun. Meng Xiaoxing’s changes were also influenced by Cheng Jianjun. Cheng Jianjun came to Han Chunming’s office and cursed. Han Chunming didn’t see him, so he had no choice but to find Su Meng. Cheng Jianjun told her that Meng Xiaoxing liked Han Chunming before marrying herself.

Su Meng was a little angry after hearing that, and Cheng Jianjun distorted Meng Xiao. The fact that Apricot wrote a letter. Su Meng was a little unhappy to see Han Chunming and Cai Xiaoli joking together. Han Chunming admitted that he had let Meng Xiaoxing run away from home. He guessed that Uncle Guo’s affairs were behind Cheng Jianjun.

Su Meng questioned Cai Xiaoli, Meng Xiaoxing, and Guan Xiaoguan to Han Chunming. Her words were a bit hurtful. Han Chunming thought she was unreasonable. Su Meng was angry and threw the diamond ring. Han Chunming did not dare to tell Su Meng about the suicide of Uncle Guo, because his cousin Meng Xiaoxing and his brother-in-law Li Yuejin were involved here. Su Meng talked to her family about not planning to get married, and Li Yuan repeatedly persuaded Su Meng. Meng Xiaoxing was hiding in the shabby Hou’s house.

After more than ten days, Cheng Jianjun’s determination to find her was weak. Meng Xiaoxing left him half of the money when he left, but Cheng Jianjun told others that Meng Xiaoxing gave him a roll, his purpose is to deceive Su Meng and her uncle’s sympathy. Sure enough, Su Meng and her uncle were fooled and bought some fakes from him as a relief.

When Han Chunming came to the shabby house, Meng Xiaoxing quickly hid. She didn’t want Han Chunming to know. After Guan Mu returned, she asked Guan Xiaoguan with her identification certificate. She asked Han Chunming for theories, and Han Chunming expressed her opinion, Guan Mu was helpless. Han Chunming can tolerate Su Meng everything, and loved her for 20 years and 137 days, but when Su Meng threw his ring away, Han Chunming broke out: “You just marry me, I I won’t marry you anymore!”

Everything that the Han family and Su family prepared meticulously fell into frustration overnight, including the things that Han Mu and Su Mu hadn’t been surprised by before, and they also thought there was a big problem this time. The relationship between Han Chunming and Su Meng was so cold. Cheng Jianjun got a windfall, that is, he sold a few more items to the Guan family. Cheng Jianjun was very satisfied.

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