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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 33 Recap

Han Chunming asked Li Yuejin about the blue and white pot of Uncle Guo. Li Yuejin explained Uncle Guo’s attitude. When Han Chunming and Su Meng went to persuade Uncle Guo, he would not listen. Uncle Guo brought the blue and white cans to Manager Liu to discuss the auction. Manager Liu asked him to fill out the form first, and then find an expert to make a formal appraisal. After the appraisal, Uncle Guo was lost and went home and drank a lot of wine. He accidentally took the blue and white cans. Uncle Guo could only admit that he was unlucky when he was broken, but he still thought that Han Chunming had harmed him.

Aunt Guo packed up and left home. Uncle Guo closed the curtains and took a lot of sleeping pills and turned on the gas to commit suicide. He used the last bit of strength to call Han Chunming, and Han Chunming hurried to Guo Fu’s house after listening. Han Chunming kicked open the door and shut the gas after looking through the window, he sent Guo Fu who was lying on the bed to the hospital. When Cai Xiaoli came to the hospital, she saw Han Chunming there. Han Chunming borrowed her phone to call Meng Xiaoxing. Meng Xiaoxing was pulled into the hospital by Han Chunming as soon as she got off the car at the entrance of the hospital.

Meng Xiaoxing waited anxiously at the door of the rescue room. Fortunately, Guo Fu was rescued, mainly because Han Chunming was sent to the hospital in time. Meng Xiaoxing did not dare to say a word when she was scolded. Su Meng couldn’t contact Han Chunming very anxiously. After Guo Fu was rescued, he still believed that the country was Han Chunming’s deception. Han Chunming explained the reason for leaving after meeting Su Meng. When Cheng Jianjun returned home, he saw that Meng Xiaoxing was a little lost, and Meng Xiaoxing asked him for a divorce.

Su Meng told his family that he was planning to gather people from the hospital to watch the live broadcast of the successful Olympic bid. They went to the hospital to visit Guo Fu. When Cheng Jianjun came to the hospital to visit Guo Fu, he also thought it was Han Chunming who set up the bureau. He saw Su Meng and others come to take the opportunity. Before leaving, he put the blame on Han Chunming before leaving. Su Meng wanted Uncle Guo to make it clear that she didn’t believe Han Chunming would do that.

When Su Meng questioned Han Chunming, he suspected that Cheng Jianjun was doing bad things. Han Chunming went to ask his second brother Han Chunsheng. Beijing’s successful bid for the Olympics allowed Han Chunming and Su Meng to prepare to get married, and Han’s novice made quilts for them. After seeing Meng Xiaozao, Han Chunming knew that Li Yuejin was being chased and beaten by others all day, because the owner of the goods was the eldest brother so that he did not dare to offend him.

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