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2 Cool 2クール Ep1 – Ep12 Preview

1 “Bonfire”

Satomi Kobayashi and Masako Motai High school boys and girls come to the bonfire on the riverbank.
The pleasant sound of fire and water, and the warmth of the soft bonfire on a spring day are
transmitted along with the comfort of the four people.

2 “Store number”

Customers come to the store where the two of us are working together.
Satomi Kobayashi, who is fidgeting with the store number for the first time, and Masako Motai, who demonstrates the popularity of business. You can see the real faces of the two in everyday life.

3 “Baby”

Baby and Satomi Kobayashi and Masako Motai.
It works, each works exactly as you like.
In front of the baby, it’s an unpredictable time for both of them.
The smell of milk and the sound of drums from the TV …

4 “Alumni Association”

The alumni association of 5 people with “glasses”, 5 people who have a similar light atmosphere with weak shoulders. Each person can be seen in the casual stories about work and everyday life. From 5 people, a gentle feeling of air spreads out.

5 “Draw”

Masako Motai was also drawn by 22 art college students.
I’m just standing still, smiling with a big smile, giving off a colorful aura … Various Masako Motai were born.

6 “Put in”

“You can’t do this without love,” says
Satomi Kobayashi and Masako Motai, who serve hot rice.
The destination is a rare mushroom dance company.
You will surely want to eat rice balls at midnight.
Why don’t you give someone a loving lunch on Sunday?

7 “Tsukushi Library”

“Tsukushi Library” is a calm place where mysterious time flows. So, I remember Mr. Yokoyama, who had four librarians, Satomi Kobayashi, Masako Motai, Hidetaka Yoshioka, and Ken Mitsuishi , who came at a fixed time every day. Mr. Yokoyama who became a canabun. What kind of person do you think you are?

8 “Iso play”

Satomi Kobayashi and Masako Motai take a walk on the beach with Rina Ota in the calm spring sea.
The fun chatting of the three and the soothing sound of the waves. And a wonderful time in the calm and slow flowing sea. I’m sure you will want to go to the sea too.

9 “Become a work”

Satomi Kobayashi, who becomes an insect as an object, and Masako Motai, who becomes a carnivorous plant. By entering the space surrounded by butterflies, flowers and animals, it became a new “work” of 2 cools.

10 “2008: A Space Odyssey”

How was your “World Stars Travels” space journey?
A journey to space that may really come in the near future.
When you board, be sure to tell the captain what you want to see in advance.
It is no use crying over spilt milk.

11 “Hotel Holiday”

Quiet rainy holiday. The two spent time in a hotel suite. The mountains are slightly foggy, and tourist boats crossing the lake occasionally shake the pier. “Rain is nice …” They talked slowly.

12 “Travel”

Satomi Kobayashi and Masako Motai set out on a journey to see Yosui Inoue’s concert. The journey of Izumo alone was a leisurely journey, with some strange stories and occasional trips .

13 “Speaking on a ship”

It is a masterpiece, a pleasant person who is not a monster in the ship, at the beginning that appeared in the final episode. However, even so, the rambling conversation as usual, that is the two of these two …
This two-cool trip ends here for the time being, but no one knows what will happen to Satomi Kobayashi after this. Also, Ituka, believing in the time they can share with you, they will begin their journey to a new time.

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