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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 32 Recap

Uncle Guo was found to be fake when he was holding the blue and white pot he bought. He was anxious to call Li Yuejin. Uncle Guo angered Li Yuejin and asked him to get the money back. Li Yuejin asked him to wait for a reply. Su Meng came to Han Chunming’s office and saw Cai Xiaoli there. After she asked, she knew Cai Xiaoli was working there, and she mistakenly believed that Han Chunming was revenge against Cheng Jianjun. Su Meng talked to Han Chunming about the cooperation and asked him to sign it unconditionally. She wanted to marry Han Chunming after the successful Olympic bid.

Li Yuejin was accused when he was looking for his cousin. He didn’t know it was Meng Xiaoxing’s gift. Cheng Jianjun wanted to invite Han Chunming and Su Meng to have dinner at home, mainly because he wanted to ask Han Chunming to see if the things from Uncle Guan were true. Cheng Jianjun hid the stolen thing. When Meng Xiaoxing asked Han Chunming to eat at home, Han Chunming refused. After she called Su Meng, Han Chunming had to agree to go. Uncle Guo couldn’t get in touch with Li Yuejin and was a little anxious. He watched Li Yuejin at the door. Li Yuejin explained the situation to Uncle Guo and proposed to transfer the things to others.

When Han Chunming and Su Meng came to Cheng Jianjun’s home, they saw a lot of porcelain on both sides. Meng Xiaoxing talked about having a baby a few days ago and wanted Han Chunming to hold his hands. Su Meng thought it was a blue and white dragon bottle. Chunming didn’t say much. Cheng Jianjun asked Han Chunming about the collection. Han Chunming knew there were fakes in it, and he clearly claimed that Meng Xiaoxing had assembled the meeting.

Uncle Guo’s son was ill and required surgery. When his wife went home to take the money, he found that his passbook was missing. After hearing the argument, Han Chunming chased Uncle Guo back. When he entered the house, he saw the bottle Meng Xiaoxing once brought. Uncle Guo told Among the grievances, Han Chunming persuaded him not to accept things blindly, and promised to solve the problem for him. Han Chunming came to Li Yuejin’s house to question Uncle Guo’s bottle. He asked Li Yuejin to go to Uncle Guo’s house to pay the operation fee first, and Li Yuejin had to agree.

Han Chunming came to Meng Xiaoxing’s home. Meng Xiaoxing saw that his face was not good. Han Chunming asked her about the blue and white pot. After he showed his attitude, Meng Xiaoxing hurriedly called Cheng Jianjun. When Cheng Jianjun arrived home, he thought it was Han Chunming’s open challenge. He didn’t want to lose face, Cheng Jianjun was going to pull Han Chunming’s second brother Han Chun into the water. Han Chunsheng went to Uncle Guo after receiving the things from Cheng Jianjun.

After Uncle Guo took out the blue and white pot, Han Chunsheng pretended to like it and wanted to take it away for auction. The manager of the line, Uncle Guo wanted to follow, but also misunderstood Han Chunming. Han Chunsheng took the things to Manager Liu of the auction house as planned, and pretended to enter the house to discuss. Uncle Guo took the things home after listening, and the person behind him was Cheng Jianjun.

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