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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 31 Recap

Han Chunming hosted a dinner for Guan Xiaoguan’s parents in the old house of Uncle Guan. Guan Mu asked about Su Meng and Han Chunming’s marriage, and asked Han Chunming about the sandalwood box in the house. Hou was angry and left the wine table. Han Chunming sent the things over, Han Chunming insisted not to give them, and asked her not to think too much. Han Chunming told Su Meng not to interfere with the Guan family affairs in the future, and the two broke up unhappy when they went out.

Su Meng complained that Han Chunming was stingy after returning home, and Su Meng’s parents had no choice. Guan Mu wanted Li Chengtao to ask Han Chunming for the pair of sandalwood boxes. Li Chengtao proposed to buy one back. Meng Xiaoxing didn’t understand why Cheng Jianjun was competing with Han Chunming, so she decided to ask her family to get together to hold a condemnation meeting. When Han Chunming returned home, he saw Cheng Jianjun sitting there. When he turned to leave, he was stopped by his elder brother. Cheng Jianjun took the watermelon to Han Chunming. Han Chunming took the watermelon to eat, and his family persuaded Han Chunming.

Su Meng helped Guan Xiaoguan’s parents find a pair of Qing Dynasty sandalwood boxes. They expressed their gratitude. Guan Xiaoguan’s parents took out something to let Uncle Su Meng’s hand. Guan Xiaoguan took the opportunity to go out and call Han Chunming and tell Han Chunming to shut down. . Both Su Meng and her uncle saw that the two pieces of porcelain were high imitations. Guan Xiaoguan insisted that they were grandfather’s relics. When Guan’s mother called Han Chunming, they realized that they had been shut down.

Guan Xiaoguan’s parents went to Han Chunming with anger. Li Yuejin said bad things about Han Chunming in the courtyard. Brother Han asked Han Chunming to apologize to Cheng Jianjun. Han Chunming had to apologize, and Cheng Jianjun stood up and asked him to bear with him in the future. After Guan Xiaoguan’s parents arrived, Han Chunming stood up, Guan’s mother smashed the imitation in public, and accused Han Chunming’s character. Li Chengtao stepped forward and picked up Guan’s mother and left. Su Meng also understood when she arrived. Cheng Jianjun saw that she was somewhat Embarrassed.

Su Meng understood Han Chunming’s approach, and her family advised her to marry early. Su Meng wanted to marry Han Chunming again, and Su’s mother advised her. Cheng Jianjun asked Meng Xiaoxing to call Guan Xiaoguan. After Guan Xiaoguan and Li Chengtao arrived, they took out those things. The two sides reached an exchange of opinions, and Cheng Jianjun agreed.

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