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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 30 Recap

He turned off when Su Meng called Han Chunming, which made her a little angry, Su Meng asked Li Yuan to warn Han Chunming. After Su Meng returned from Hong Kong, she found that Beijing was developing rapidly. She had sold her uncle’s shares in the company. Li Yuan reminded Su Meng to take care of Han Chunming, who is already a director of the Collectors Association. Cheng Jianjun and Meng Xiaoxing heard that Su Meng came back and were planning to implement the plan. They wanted to make Han Chunming look away. Cheng Jianjun believed that after Su Meng saw the plum bottle, Han Chunming could also see it.

When Hou Su’e took the plum bottle back home, he was seen by Broken Hou, and he saw that it was fake at a glance. Uncle Su Meng still wanted to get the instrument for identification. Li Yuejin also made money as a broker after he didn’t work as a chef. He bought the handicrafts from the antique market and brought them to Guan Xiaoguan. Han Chunming has collected all the authentic products. Uncle Guo was bent on picking up leaks in the antique market. Li Yuejin brought the items he bought back to Uncle Guo’s house. Uncle Guo wanted to get money to buy it. Li Yuejin then brought something for Su Meng to see, he deliberately pretended to receive a call from Meng Xiaoxing.

Su Mengren Broken Hou called and wanted him to look at the object. Broken Hou called Han Chunming after reading it. Su Meng and Han Chunming hadn’t talked on the phone for three months. After Meng Xiaoxing came to Su Meng’s office, she expressed her thoughts on the porcelain bottle. Li Yuejin lied that the things were not for sale. Han Chunming saw Li Yuejin and learned a lesson. He took the flashlight and pointed at the porcelain bottle. wrong.

Han Chunming wanted to hear Meng Xiaoxing’s opinion. He admired the fraudsters. Han Chunming knew that there were no hard pens in that era, and Shabby Hou praised him for his good vision. Meng Xiaoxing had no choice but to leave. Uncle Guo asked Han Chunming about Li Yuejin’s blue and white pot. Han Chunming said it was a fake, but Uncle Guo didn’t believe it and asked Li Yuejin to keep him for three days. After Meng Xiaoxing went home, he told Cheng Jianjun that the blue and white pot was exposed, and Cheng Jianjun had some regrets.

Han Chunming received a call from Cai Xiaoli during dinner about Su Meng. Cai Xiaoli felt embarrassed and her son couldn’t control her. Han Chunming asked Cai Xiaoli to be the manager of the restaurant and gave her 20% of the shares. Cai Xiaoli was very grateful. Uncle Guo’s grandson was accused of breaking a fake porcelain, and his daughter and old man left in anger. When Guan Xiaoguan’s parents came to her house, they didn’t see the flaws in the antiques. Uncle Guo used all his savings to buy the fakes in Li Yuejin’s hands.

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