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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 29 Recap

Su Meng got off the car and went to Uncle Guan’s old house. Han Chunming explained Uncle Guan’s thoughts to her. Guan Xiaoguan took Han Chunming’s arm in gratitude. She planned to store the things left by her grandfather in Han Chunming’s museum. Su Meng was very angry when she saw their intimate appearance behind her back. After Cai Xiaoli saw Han Chunming, he talked about Meng Xiaoxing and Cheng Jianjun, and Han Chunming asked her to get in the car first. Su Meng talked about what she saw in front of Li Yuan. She guessed that Han Chunming was trying to retaliate against Li Chengtao.

Su Meng asked Li Yuan to call Han Chunming, and Han Chunming told her not to come. Cai Xiaoli didn’t want a divorce. Han Chunming asked her to take herself to Meng Xiaoxing’s company. After seeing Han Chunming, Meng Xiaoxing said that she was going to marry Cheng Jianjun, and Han Chunming wanted to question her at the condemnation meeting. Li Chengtao followed Guan Xiaoguan secretly. He saw her and Han Chunming secretly interacting in the distance. Guan Xiaoguan found out. After Li Chengtao went home, he picked up his back and pillows and went to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Guan Xiaoguan didn’t explain much. Close the door.

Li Chengtao deliberately turned on the loud TV sound to attract Guan Xiaoguan’s attention. She asked Li Chengtao to apologize to Han Chunming and explain the cause and effect. Li Chengtao apologized after seeing Han Chunming early in the morning, but Han Chunming ignored him and drove away after getting in the car. Li Chengtao came to Su Meng’s office and was bombarded by her. When Li Chengtao talked about the discovery of Uncle Guan’s relic, Su Meng asked him to wait for a while. He wanted Su Meng to persuade Han Chunming. Su Meng knew that Han Chunming was wrong, she consulted with Mother Han, and Mother Han asked Su Meng to wait for Han Chunming at the door.

After Han Chunming saw Su Meng, the two reconciled, and she spoke for Li Chengtao. Han Chunming proposed to Su Meng with a diamond ring, she agreed, and Su Meng went to see her uncle after receiving her dad’s call. Uncle Su Meng was sued in companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He wanted her to help take care of it, but Su Meng was busy getting married with Han Chunming. Su Meng called Han Chunming to explain the reason for leaving, and Han Tianming sent her to the airport.

Meng Xiaoxing took out the fake porcelain bowl made by Cheng Jianjun and showed it to Han Chunming. Han Chunming recognized that it was a fake. Meng Xiaoxing took the bowl and left. Cheng Jianjun just wanted to check his level. He couldn’t see it and let Cheng Jianjun not know it. understand. Su Meng called Han Chunming to deal with the funeral of his uncle’s company. Han Chunming was a little anxious. Su Meng stayed in Hong Kong for half a year. She promised to surprise Han Chunming when she returned.

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