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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 28 Recap

Guan Xiaoguan believed that Han Chunming didn’t take the things from the uncle Guan. She guessed that grandpa would bury the things. After thinking of the air-raid shelter, she was going to investigate. Guan Xiaoguan took his parents to the house where Uncle Guan used to be and was stopped by Han Chunming’s brothers and sisters. When Han Mu heard the voice and wanted to go out, she was persuaded to come back.

Guan Xiaoguan’s parents were angry and returned, Guan Xiaoguan I want to ask Su Meng to tell her to come forward. Su Meng came to Han Mu’s room and asked about the reason for her illness. Han Mu was happy to see her coming. Han Mu understood the lack of trust between Su Meng and Han Chunming.

Mother Han understands Han Chunming, and Han Chunming has a personality like his father. Mother Han guessed that Su Meng was a lobbyist for the Guan family, and she agreed to let Guan Xiaoguan’s family come. Meng Xiaoxing took the fake Cheng Jianjun made to Broken Hou in exchange for an antique, and Broken Hou found no flaws.

Guan Xiaoguan’s family carefully searched for the hidden treasure in Uncle Guan’s old house. Guan’s mother insisted that Han Chunming had moved away and they returned without success. Su Meng understands that Han Chunming’s actions are affected by the family environment, and she wants to pull Li Yuan into the water.

Meng Xiaoxing found Yang Huajian with a counterfeit made by Cheng Jianjun. It was an official kiln in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Yang Huajian believed it to be true. Su Meng and Li Yuan saw it when they happened to pass by. Su Meng also liked it. She Both Yang Huajian and Yang Huajian wanted it. Yang Huajian finally bought it at a high price, and Meng Xiaoxing made another fortune. Cheng Jianjun went home to prepare to divorce Cai Xiaoli.

He finally found that their cooperation could make more money. After Cheng Jianjun went home to pack her things, Cai Xiaoli didn’t understand what he did. She was very surprised by what Cheng Jianjun did. Cai Xiaoli wanted an explanation, but Cheng Jianjun left without looking back.

Han Chunming asked Meng Xiaoxing about Li Yuejin after returning from a business trip in Shenzhen. She had already taught Li Yuejin a lesson. Cai Xiaoli came to Meng Xiaoxing’s office angrily to question Cheng Jianjun. After the two quarreled, Cai Xiaoli left angrily. Han Chunming accidentally discovered that there was a problem with the wall when he was eating.

He only found the treasure of Uncle Guan when he got on the roof, and the stone in Han Chunming’s heart fell. Cheng Jianjun asked her not to worry about the divorce after receiving his mother’s call. He planned to leave the house alone. Cheng Jianjun’s son was in his twenties.

Han Chunming sat in the courtyard and smiled at the kitchen. He arranged for his family to go to Chengde Mountain Resort together, and Han Mu asked Meng Xiaozao to inform them. Meng Xiaoxing rented the house to others, but Cai Xiaoli was anxious not to find her. Han Chunming called Guan Xiaoguan and asked her to come to Guan Xiaoguan’s old house.

After Guan Xiaoguan arrived, he claimed that he had found the things. When he got to the kitchen, Han Chunming moved the kitchen cabinets, took the bricks and closed Xiaoguan and saw the secret room. Things inside. Han Chunming reminded Guan Xiaoguan to find a hidden place to put things away, and never tell her parents, Guan Xiaoguan relieved Han Chunming of his suspicion.

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