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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 27 Recap

Han Chunming’s neighbourhood brought antiques to him to check the authenticity, so Han Chunming had to move to the former courtyard of Uncle Guan. Li Chengtao took the contract signed by Li Yuejin to Guan Xiaoguan. After Li Yuejin went home, he told Meng Xiaozao that he had found a new job. Cheng Jianjun had been guarding the firing of porcelain at the entrance of the kiln, and Meng Xiaoxing sent him to eat. Seeing Han Chunming’s door locked when Su Meng went out, Uncle Guo told her about the move of the Han family. After Su Meng returned to the company, he had been thinking about the past.

Su Meng felt uncomfortable and went home to sleep. Li Yuan went to visit her house. Su Meng told her that Han Chunming had moved away, and she felt that the two of them had finished withdrawing. After Su’s mother returned to the courtyard, she heard Aunt Guo talk about the Han family moving to Uncle Guan’s house. Su’s mother apologized to Han’s mother. After hearing her call to her mother-in-law, her heart was at ease. The eldest sister Han Chunming took out the object and let him see that it was fake. Han Mu mentioned that Su Meng was ill while eating, but Han Chunming disapproved.

Han Chunming announced to his family that the collection hall would be closed. Su’s mother told Su Meng about the reason why Han Chunming had moved. Su Meng sat up from the bed after hearing this. Su’s mother understood her daughter’s thoughts, and Su’s father was puzzled. Mother Han asked Han Chunming about him and Su Meng. Han Chunming looked down on people like Uncle Su Meng. Uncle Guan had confessed that a real baby must never go abroad. Han Chunming was confident that Su Meng would not change his mind.

The lawsuit between Guan Xiaoguan and Han Chunming was carried out as scheduled. Hou Dianchen and Meng Xiaoxing were dismissed by a letter from Han Chunming when they came forward to prove that Han Chunming did not participate in the court lawsuit due to a business trip. Guan Xiaoguan had to withdraw the lawsuit after hearing those, he was conscientious. After being accused, Guan Fu also felt ashamed. Li Yuejin talked about his views on antiques in Uncle Guo’s home. Uncle Su Meng believed that Han Chunming had changed Guan Xiaoguan’s views with his mind. Hou Su’e had a different view from him.

Li Yuan also admired Han Chunming’s approach, and Su Meng felt a blank in his mind. Li Chengtao suggested that Guan’s father go to Han Chunming’s museum to take a look. Guan’s father had seen Uncle Guan’s collection, and only discovered that the museum was closed when they arrived. Li Chengtao thought that Han Chunming had deliberately avoided seeing it. Meng Xiaoke came to the antique market as a bird seller. She tricked Mr. Zhang from the antique shop back home. Cheng Jianjun and her acted as a husband and wife. Guan Mu came to Han’s home to find Han Chunming. She thought she had been deceived by Han Chunming. When Han Mu was angry, she asked Meng Xiaozao to drive away Guan’s mother. She was so angry that she lay on the bed.

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