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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 26 Recap

Su Meng felt very sad, and Hou Su’e explained Han Chunming’s process of collecting things over the years. Guan Xiaoguan decided to sue Han Chunming after returning home. She believed that she was the legal heir. After seeing Cheng Jianjun, Meng Xiaoge talked about Han Chunming’s museum. Cheng Jianjun wanted to wait for Han Chunming to buy a ticket to watch it. Su Meng went to Guan Xiaoguan to chat. She wanted to find out the truth. When the two got in the car, Guan Xiaoguan didn’t believe her judgment.

Guan Xiaoguan told Su Meng what she saw at the time. She thought that Han Chunming used that night to move the relics of Uncle Guan away, and Su Meng thanked her for telling them. When Han Chunming returned home, he was asked by Mother Han. He had a clear conscience. Mother Han believed that he was innocent. After Su Meng returned home, she told her mother that everything was true. She also believed that Han Chunming had taken the things of Uncle Guan. Su’s mother thought she could not listen to Guan Xiaoguan’s words. Su Meng talked about what happened that night. thing.

Su Meng believes in people like Han Chunming. Cheng Jianjun went to the antique market after taking photos from Han Chunming’s museum. He happened to meet Uncle Guo. Uncle Guo believed that Han Chunming was rich because of antiques. Cheng Jianjun hired a playmaker to act, and Guan Xiaoguan consulted with the general’s lawyer, but he needed the testimony of Meng Xiaozao and Li Yuejin, and the lawyer promised her to go to see Han Chunming immediately, mainly to act as a deterrent. The lawyer asked Han Chunming about Uncle Guan’s will, and Han Chunming expressed his attitude.

Li Yuejin was arrogant and arrogant in the back kitchen. He looked down on the chefs from other places. The chefs decided to treat him. Han Chunming advised Yang Huajian not to engage in antiques, and Yang Huajian also envied him for not being married. When Han Chunming saw Li Yuejin’s fried dishes, he criticized him in the kitchen, and even started to beat him. This made Li Yuejin very shameless. Li Yuejin was fired. Han Chunming guessed that the chef did that on purpose, the chef. The chief was fined for the bonus of the month.

When Li Yuejin arrived home, Meng Xiaozao was accused. He was stopped by Li Chengtao when he returned home from shopping. Li Yuejin agreed to go to the teahouse to work. Cheng Jianjun secretly stole the broken Hou’s porcelain bottle, and after obtaining the raw materials, he prepared to imitate one. Su Meng thinks that Han Chunming is a decent person, and Li Yuan persuades her to wait and see. When Han Chunming returned home, he was called into the house by Uncle Guo. He saw the items in Uncle Guo’s house. Han Chunming could see at a glance that those items were imitations, and Uncle Guo was not knowledgeable.

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