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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 25 Recap

Po Lanhou and Uncle Su Meng came out of Guan Xiaoguan’s parents’ house, and they prepared to take down those antiques. Han Chunming asked Uncle Su Meng about the master’s things. He wanted him to intervene, but Uncle Su thought that Han Chunming was a poor man who scammed his wealth. Han Chunming asked Guan Xiaoguan about Uncle Guan’s relics. Guan Xiaoguan told him not to worry about it. Han Chunming had to ask Li Chengtao for help. He was worried that Uncle Su Meng would dump those things abroad.

Guan Xiaoguan told her parents that she didn’t want to sell the things left by her grandfather. She had booked them tickets for the next day. When Guan’s father wanted to keep one, she was refused. Uncle Su Meng was very angry when he learned that Han Chunming had been upset. Su Meng asked Han Chunming to question. Han Chunming explained that those things were left to him by the master. He was just worried that her uncle would sell the things abroad. , This is related to the issue of patriotism, Han Chunming admitted that he was involved in the ghost, Su Meng left angrily.

Guan Xiaoguan didn’t know where his grandfather put the things. Li Chengtao was also thinking about it. He suspected that Uncle Guan transferred the things to his friends. Guan Xiaoguan thought that Han Chunming must know. She saw the Hong Kong auction and knew why his grandpa was so Cherish those treasures. Aunt Han Chunming’s house became a city registered permanent residence after the demolition. Han Mu asked Han Chunming about him and Su Meng.

Han Chunming planned to call Xiaozao home to live, and Han Mu finally agreed. The family didn’t know that Han Chunming’s second sister worked in his company, and Han Chunming was surprised that Han Chunming bought a house of more than 10,000 square meters in the second ring road.

Hou Su’e and Uncle Su Meng came to Su Meng’s house. She believed that Han Chunming did not use those antiques to make money. Meng Xiaoxing received Cheng Jianjun at the airport. She told him that she was going to get married. Cheng Jianjun could not leave Cai Xiaoli and could not bear his son. Cheng Jianjun explained that it would take time. Cheng Jianjun came to Meng Xiaoxing to find a house according to his request. Cai Xiaoli thought he was traveling in the south.

Han Chunming invited relatives and friends to the banquet. Everyone wondered what was the reason. After Cai Xiaoli and Meng Xiaoxing met, they quarreled, and Shaan Hou was assigned to the second table, but he insisted on sitting at the first table. At the banquet, Su Meng and Han Chunming sang together, Han Chunming played the piano accompaniment, and the two remembered the past again. Han Chunming publicly claimed that his Yaxuan Museum opened. After the meal, everyone is invited to enjoy it. Everyone was surprised when they saw those things.

Guan Xiaoguan thought that those were her grandfather’s things. Han Chunming insisted that there was nothing about her grandfather’s things. The two had a quarrel in the museum. When Han Chunming was angry, they beat Guan Xiaoguan. Li Chengtao also had trouble with Han Chunming. Turning over, Uncle Su Meng was also accused by Han Chunming when he added oil and jealousy to the side. Han Chunming was mistaken for a respectable villain by them. Only the shabby Hou understood Han Chunming’s good intentions.

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