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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 24 Recap

Su Meng found Han Chunming in Uncle Guan’s house. She was afraid to go in. Han Chunming had to wait for Uncle Guan to get married after a hundred days. Uncle Guan’s sudden death also posed a problem for Han Chunming. Mother Han led Meng Xiaozao to see the room, and Li Yuejin put the shabby cake on the table and left. Guan Xiaoguan, please ask Shao Hou about Uncle Guan’s collection while drinking. Shao Hou is also ashamed of Han Chunming. Guan Xiaoguan was a little angry after listening, and Li Chengtao persuaded her not to have those things.

Han Chunming came to the wine table and handed the key to Uncle Guan’s house to Father Guan. Father Guan did not know what to say. When Cheng Jianjun returned to the hospital, he saw Han Chunming’s porcelain from the window. He quietly stole the broken porcelain left there. When Li Yuejin went home, he found the porcelain bottle on the table was missing. Meng Xiaozao guessed that Han Chunming might have taken it. Han Chunming burned his suicide note in front of the portrait of Uncle Guan, and vowed to find those things. Han Chunming called Li Chengtao and asked him to make a price for the furniture and antiques in Guan Daye’s courtyard. Guan’s father agreed to sell the house to Han Chunming. Guan Xiaoguan felt that his grandpa left too few items.

Li Chengtao called Han Chunming and asked him to come over. Han Chunming was at the door. After he entered the door, Guan’s father didn’t want to sell those antiques. Guan’s mother agreed after hearing Han Chunming’s offer. Han Chunming bought the small for three million. He asked Guan Xiaoguan not to sell those antiques abroad, but Guan Xiaoguan still doubted Han Chunming. Guan Xiaoguan came to Meng Xiaozao’s house in anger and saw the house that Han Chunming had bought for them, and asked about the situation that night.

When Guan Xiaoguan returned to her grandfather’s old house, Han Chunming had replaced all the furniture, and she was angry and left. Su Meng asked Han Chunming about the origin of Guan Xiaoguan. She reminded him to keep a distance from Guan Xiaoguan. Su Meng moved back to the building from the courtyard. Han Chunming asked Po Lanhou to help pay attention to the things left by Uncle Guan, and Po Lanhou was also going to call in his son-in-law. Cai Xiaoli warned Cheng Jianjun to let him go home with a divorce. Cheng Jianjun hung up the phone without listening to him. Cheng Jianjun’s resignation also surprised her family.

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