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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 23 Recap

It was 2000 in a blink of an eye. Han Chun is looking forward to Uncle Guan’s return tomorrow. Finally, one day, he hopes to come to Uncle Guan’s drinking buddies when he was young, and he was an old man (in his 90s) who named Uncle Guan the names of nine admirals. He brought a letter to him.

The uncle’s suicide note states that he will leave all his antiques to the disciple Han Chunming, and the real estate to Meng Xiaozao, who is waiting for him in his later years. Han Chunming was extremely sad, and led the entire Guan family to Fangshan to see Uncle Guan’s graveyard. He stayed in the graveyard all night.

The Guan family held a farewell ceremony at Uncle Guan’s residence and made it clear to everyone that even if Uncle Guan has a suicide note, it cannot have the effect of legal succession. In fact, they didn’t know Han Chunming. Han Chunming had already paid homage to Master alone in the air-raid shelter and burned Uncle Guan’s suicide note. He said that he knew that Master was afraid of his son and daughter-in-law sending his handed down treasure abroad, but he could not accept this. Pen legacy.

Cheng Jianjun was going to Jingdezhen for half a year. He was jealous that everyone respected Han Chunming in his uncle Guan’s affair. Meng Xiaoxing saw him very disappointed. Guan Xiaoguan asked Meng Xiaozao if Han Chunming had taken things from his home. Meng Xiaozao told the truth, and Li Chengtao believed that Han Chunming would not do that. Han Chunming asked Li Yuejin and Meng Xiaozao to pack up and live in the building overnight, and Meng Xiaozao taught Li Yuejin to study more later.

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