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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 22 Recap

Su Meng’s mother told Han Mu about Han Chunming’s achievements, and Han Mu was also surprised. After returning home, Meng Xiaoxing told Mother Han that Han Chunming was the head chef. When Uncle Guan was drinking, he heard that Broken Hou had a Geyao Bafang cup. Broken Hou agreed to take it, but he had to take a look at Uncle Guan’s baby. All the treasures I collect will be given to Han Chunming in the future.

Han Chunming’s family thought about his money again. His second brother found Han Chunming at Uncle Guan’s house. After Han Chunming arrived home, Han’s mother asked about his business conditions. He claimed to have several small businesses, and Han Chunming arranged for them to work. He does not want his family to go to work in the company, which is also the company’s regulations.

Han Chunming arranged for his second sister to work as a project supervisor in the engineering company, and his second sister was extremely happy. Mother Han asked Han Chunming to apologize to Su Meng. He told her what they thought of, and Han Chunming knew that Su Meng would be back in a few days.

Su Meng picked up her things from her parents and went back to live in the courtyard. She went back 18 times in the past five years, and Su’s father recorded it in the notebook. Han Chunming learned that Su Meng was going back to the courtyard at night and hurried home to wait at the door. He remembered that she was back for the eighteenth time. Mother Han was very happy to see Han Chunming and Su Meng come back together. Meng Xiaoxing’s company used her to sign orders over the past two years. She knew everything about her business in the sea. She gave Cheng Jianjun two choices. .

Han Chunming made a meal and asked Su Meng to come out. He persuaded Su Meng to change the name of Jin Changsheng and showed her four enamel bowls. Su Meng chose the name of Tea Piaoxiang. Han Chunming took the opportunity to propose to Su Meng, and their relationship eased. After Cheng Jianjun returned home, she asked Cai Xiaoli to discuss the need of 50,000 yuan. Cai Xiaoli asked repeatedly. She also asked Cheng Jianjun’s brother for the money to buy a house. Cheng Jianjun claimed to borrow a colleague.

Han Chunming told Uncle Guan that he had helped him fulfill the remaining two wishes. Meng Xiaozao told Han Chunming that Meng Xiaoxing and Cheng Jianjun were not an ordinary relationship. Han Chunming came to Meng Xiaoxing’s company and asked her about his relationship with Cheng Jianjun. Relationship, Meng Xiaoxing told him not to worry too much, she plans to start a new life. Han Chunming asked Cheng Jianjun about his relationship with Meng Xiaoxing, and Cheng Jianjun complained about marriage troubles. Cheng Jianjun is about to resign as the director of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

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