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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 21 Recap

Uncle Su Meng thinks her practice of driving away Meng Xiaoxing is wrong, but Su Meng has to deal with it in her own way, Hou Su’e persuaded her to ask Han Chunming to explain. Su Meng moved Kaiyuan Real Estate Company into an office building. Yang Huajian asked Su Meng to participate in an educated youth gathering. He wanted to use the gathering to increase mutual understanding between everyone. Su Meng heard that someone worked in the Bureau of Planning.

Han Chunming came to the homes of Li Chengtao and Guan Xiaoguan. After receiving a call from Yang Huajian, he planned to attend the evening gathering of educated youth. Cheng Jianjun handed the completed company procedures to Meng Xiaoxing, and he also received a notice of the educated youth gathering. When the educated youth met, Mao Map came to the stage to introduce the positions of the classmates. Han Chunming was late again. He invited Secretary Yang from that year. Secretary Yang became the chairman of Xiaoqinghe Agricultural Industry and Commerce. The last time he attended the gathering was 17 years ago. The changes in Qinghe are huge, and Secretary Yang suggested that they return to Xiaoqinghe to invest.

Meng Xiaoxing showed her business license to Mother Han. Mother Han felt unreliable. Meng Xiaoxing turned into a boss. She also thought Han Chunming was a chef. Han Chunming had been hiding his family about his career for many years. . When Cheng Jianjun and Su Meng came on stage to play the piano and sing again, Han Chunming reminded Han Chunming of the party that year. After the performance, Han Chunming deliberately said that Cheng Jianjun was too amateur to play the piano.

Cheng Jianjun mentioned the incident again. Han Chunming and him cheered. Cheng Jianjun said as long as Han Chunming could play the music. Just call him Lord. After Han Chunming came to power, he sat in front of the piano and played tunes. Cheng Jianjun couldn’t believe it. Han Chunming played “When We Dang the Double Porcelain”, Su Meng couldn’t help crying when thinking of the past.

Han Chunming avenged his revenge. Cheng Jianjun got up and left. He left without asking him. Han Chunming’s piano has passed the tenth level, Su Meng is also very surprised, Cheng Jianjun is very annoyed in the car. After everyone left, Cheng Jianjun grabbed Han Chunming to question. The two started fighting. When the patrol saw it, they stepped forward to discourage them, and the two drove away. Cheng Jianjun was very upset when he returned home. Cai Xiaoli asked him about the situation. He felt a bit embarrassed to drive Xiali, but Cai Xiaoli did not agree with him going to sea.

Su Meng heard Manager Sun talk about Han Chunming’s strength during the demolition and construction, and she knew that it was Han Chunming who gave them the project. Su Meng found him in Han Chunming’s office, and she misunderstood Han Chunming. Su Meng didn’t want to go back to the courtyard house. She told her parents about Han Chunming’s strength, and also talked about Han Chunming’s teaching Cheng Jianjun when the educated youth gathered. Su Meng felt humiliated, and Su’s mother didn’t treat it that way. Uncle Guan told Han Chunming not to leave at night, and Han Chunming called Shabanhou to drink together.

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