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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 20 Recap

Su Meng did not agree with Han Chunming to do business with her uncle, and Han Chunming planned to do it himself. Meng Xiaoxing packed her things and went back to her hometown. Since her mother’s death, the family has been discussing the distribution of the house. When she heard that she was going to be demolished, she stepped up to go back. Cheng Jianjun was accused by his father when he returned home, and Cheng’s mother advised him to leave as soon as possible. Mother Han and Mother Su discussed about Han Chunming and Su Meng, both of them were a little worried.

In front of his parents, Cheng Jianjun said that the financial power of the family was in the hands of Cai Xiaoli. He wanted the money. Cai Xiaoli was not welcome when she came to Cheng Jianjun’s house. Cheng Jianjun did not give them the 50,000 she gave. Meng Xiaoxing called Han Chunming to inquire about what she would like when splitting the family, and Han Chunming advised her to ask for land and not for a room.

The yard that Han Chunming bought in the countryside before received a lot of compensation for demolition. Landlord Liu felt fooled, but Han Chunming had signed a contract with him before. Uncle Guan was clear for a while, and confused for a while, Meng Xiaoxing went to see Cheng Jianjun and met Cheng Jianjun. Cheng Jianjun saw that she was also driving the car she bought. Su Meng warned Meng Xiaoxing not to scold the staff and not to park the car at the door.

Han Chunming met with the restaurant executives for a morning meeting. On the surface, he is the head chef, but he is actually the boss. When Han Chunming came to the real estate company, he saw that the deputy director of the National Cotton Factory had arrived, and the two sides reached a cooperation agreement. Director Sun explained to Su Meng that they were not cooperating. The National Cotton Factory thought they were not capable, so they put the office in the restaurant to make them feel uneasy.

During the meal, Cheng Jianjun persuaded Meng Xiaoxing to start his own company and offered to cooperate with her. Meng Xiaoxing told him not to think too much. When Han Chunming heard that Manager Sun said that Su Meng of Kaiyuan Real Estate Company wanted the land, Cheng Jianjun went to Meng Xiaoxing to discuss cooperation. He asked her to register the company. Cheng Jianjun thought Cai Xiaoli was too dark, he thought Earn some money for parents, the money Cheng Jianjun gave was borrowed from others. Meng Xiaoxing was accused by Su Meng when she reprimanded the waiter. She was angry and left the restaurant. Su Meng arranged for the lobby manager to take over Meng Xiaoxing’s work.

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