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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 19 Recap

Su Meng saw that Han Chunming had no news for a week, and she was a little angry. Han Chunming and Broken Hou had been lying on that bed for a long time, and Broken Hou couldn’t help but left. After seeing Liu Mantang, Han Chunming asked for half a month’s room fee. Liu Mantang didn’t want to give him, Han Chunming offered his terms. Liu Mantang’s heart moved.

He only wanted a house and furniture, and Liu Mantang agreed. Guan Xiaoguan and Li Chengtao came to Uncle Guan and saw that Xiaozao was singing Beijing opera. Uncle Guan asked Li Chengtao to call Han Chunming over.

Guan Xiaoguan agreed to marry Li Chengtao. Uncle Guan waited for Li Chengtao to leave and asked about it. Han Chunming wanted to discuss with Uncle Su Meng about changing Jin Changsheng’s name to Ju Banxian. When he got home, Han Mu was accused, and Han Mu asked him to rush to find Su Meng. Su Meng drove him out of the room after seeing Han Chunming. She refused to listen to the explanation. Su Meng was very annoyed. Grandma Su persuaded her and explained to Han Chunming. Su Meng believed that she was afraid of intuition.

Han Chunming explained to Su Meng repeatedly that the two quarreled. In 1992, Han Chunming drove people to move home in the middle of the night. After moving the things, he asked everyone to wait for his news. Su Meng joined Zhengke. She heard that Li Yuan was promoted to deputy director. Li Yuan asked Su Meng to go back to the building for dinner.

They ordered Tan Jiacai. Su Meng asked about the meaning of going back to the building when he was in the store. The boss, the lobby manager arrived and explained the origin of the restaurant’s name. Su Meng was a little surprised when Han Chunming came out wearing a chef’s costume. After the meal, Su Meng and Han Chunming were walking by the lake.

Su Meng is about to resign and go to the sea. Han Chunming thinks she is not suitable for shopping malls, but Su Meng insists on her idea. After Su Meng returned home, she told her family about her plans to go to sea. The family was a little surprised, mainly because she felt that she could not get along with Li Yuan. Cheng Jianjun had been promoted to the leader of the inspection team of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Su Meng watched Cai Xiaoli’s changes and decided Determined, the family advised her and uncle to study hard. Meng Xiaoxing talked to the waiter about Cai Xiaoli who was eating. Cheng Jianjun realized that real estate would be hot, and he and Cai Xiaoli mistakenly believed that Han Chunming had done nothing.

Cheng Jianjun asked Meng Xiaoxing to go there during the dinner checkout, and Meng Xiaoxing finally agreed to give him a 20% discount. Han Chunming asked Li Chengtao to talk about business matters, but the financial power was in Guan Xiaoguan’s hands, and Li Chengtao couldn’t help it. Han Chunming approached Uncle Su Meng to discuss the Russian barter.

He was still thinking about buying the restaurant. Uncle Su agreed. After Hou Su’e died of her husband, he had a good relationship with Uncle Su Meng. Both agreed to let Han Chunming help Make peace with Shabby Hou. Su Meng did not believe that Han Chunming could do border trade business, and she advised her uncle not to cooperate with Han Chunming.

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