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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 18 Recap

Han Chunming asked his cousin Xiaozao to take care of his life in Uncle Guan’s house. Uncle Guan’s memory was a little bad. He didn’t want to be served by others, but after listening to Xiaozao’s Beijing opera, he promised to keep her. Han Chunming came to Li Chengtao’s office. He believed that the catering industry had no secrets. He also guessed that Jin Changsheng was related to a certain travel agency, and Guan Xiaoguan hurried out to find a relationship. Han Chunming wanted to have a wedding with Li Chengtao. He revealed to Li Chengtao that Guan Xiaoguan’s parents were going to return to Beijing some time later, mainly to investigate Li Chengtao.

Su Meng suddenly found that she was not interested in anything, she wanted to marry Han Chunming. Thanks to Guan Xiaoguan’s efforts, the tea shop business resumed as usual. Meng Xiaoxing talked to Po Lanhou and Uncle Su Meng. Po Lanhou guessed that it was her daughter. After Su Meng went home, her mother asked her if her uncle had gone, and she suddenly showed an awkward situation with Han Chunming in front of her family.

When Han Chunming came to Uncle Guan’s home and saw the noodle cabinet, he saw that it was from the Ming Dynasty. He liked it very much. Xiaozao told Han Chunming that she had seen it at the village’s landlord Liu’s house. Han Chunming rushed over after hearing it. Su Meng asked Li Chengtao if Han Chunming had told him the secret of the hot dining experience. Li Chengtao didn’t explain, and Su Meng was slapped by Su Meng when Guan Xiaoguan went out.

When Su Meng came to Jin Changsheng, she saw that Po Lanhou was reconciling with her uncle. She claimed that she had blown up with Han Chunming, and Su Meng was anxious not to find Han Chunming. Guan Xiaoguan had heard that Li Chengtao had loved Cai Xiaoli. Li Chengtao admitted the past, but she is the one he loves now. Broken Hou overheard Han Chunming’s whereabouts. Han Chunming wanted to buy the bed in Liu’s home, but the other party didn’t want to sell it.

Broken Hou came to see Han Chunming at the home of Liu’s landlord, and Han Mu was anxious to find Han Chunming. Han Chunming and Po Lanhou challenged each other at the landlord Liu’s house, and they refused to give in to each other.

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