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Fragrant Years 那样芬芳 Episode 34 End Recap

Gao Wentao looked at Fenfang’s mother’s diary and recalled the scene of Fenfang’s grandmother with her and she recognized herself, and the situation when Fenfang had come to recognize herself by herself not long ago, and looked at the photos of Fenfang’s mother with emotion. Gao Wentao asked Fenfang to meet by the river and told Fenfang that he had read his diary all night, admitting that he was sorry for his mother, and said that the person he was more sorry for was Fragrance, acknowledging that Fragrance still makes Gao Duo the same, and he wanted Fragrance to be his heir.

Fenfang recognized Gao Wentao as his father and said that he would not interfere with Gao Wentao’s current life. Father and daughter hug. At the gate of the prison, Gao Wentao waited for Lin to escape. Gao Wentao released Lin Chao on bail, saying that they are now dissolving the debt relationship and providing information to ease the heavy sentence imposed on Lin Chao by the prosecution. Lin Chao still didn’t realize his mistake, thinking that Gao Wentao was here to taunt him.

Gao Wentao told Lin Chao what he had done to Fragrant before Gao Wentao knew clearly that Lin Chao was a complete bastard, and it was Fragrant who asked Gao Wentao to let Lin Chao go. Gao Wentao pointed at Lin Chao with his index finger and said that Lin Chao should kneel to Fenfang. Gao Wentao said he was sorry for Gao Duo and even more for Fragrant in his life, and asked Lin Chao who he was worthy of? Lin Yue asked a boss to discuss business with KTV, because Lin Yue’s company had financial problems.

Under the conditions of the boss, Lin Yue sang, Lin Yue Feeling that there is no self-esteem to recall all the past psychology is more tasteless. In the hospital ward, Lin Chao’s mother held Lin Chao’s hand tightly. Lin Chao said that she was sorry that her mother had let her down. Lin Chao’s mother said that the person who was sorry for this life was Fragrant. Lin Chao was fragrant in the cafe. Lin Chao admitted that he had made the wrong steps since he left Pujiang Normal University and that he only understood at the gate of the detention center that it was too late.

Lin Chao asked Fragrant to visit Tongtong, Fragrant agreed, and asked Fragrant to never tell Tongtong their relationship, Fragrant agreed. Fang led Tongtong to stand in front of Lin Chao’s grave. Fenfang told Tongtong to remember that Uncle Lin Chao is a good person and sang Lin Chao’s favorite song to Lin Chao. Fragrant encourages Lin Chao’s mother to exercise her legs and teases Lin Chao’s mother. Fragrant’s reward for Lin Chao’s mother was a jade bracelet.

Lin Chao’s mother said that fragrance is becoming less and less deceived because fragrance is too kind, and others who are kind are embarrassed to lie to her. Grandma Fenfang’s 80th birthday, everyone gathered together. Lin Chaoma first stated that the marriage between Lin Yue and Fenfang could not be delayed. Grandma Fenfang said that she was 80, and she ignored it once today, and agreed to disagree with Lin Yue next month.

The marriage is done. Lin Yue and Fenfang also agreed with embarrassment. Lin Yue said that when he was so beautiful before, he did not agree to marry him, but now that there is nothing, he agrees. Fragrant said it was because of her stupidity. The whole family photo shoot ends.

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