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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 17 Recap

Shabby Hou agreed to take out the restaurant. Uncle Guan agreed on a time for the transaction. He couldn’t ask for more money, so he could take any order. Li Chengtao expressed his love to Guan Xiaoguan. Uncle Guan came to the teahouse to talk to Guan Xiaoguan. Guan Xiaoguan insisted that she was right, and Uncle Guan was irritated. Mother Han scolded Han Chunming’s sister-in-law for lack of virtue, and Meng Xiaoxing also admitted that she had suffered a dumb loss, and she could not go back to the teahouse.

Uncle Guan was sent to the rescue room, but when he woke up, there was no major incident. Guan Xiaoguan couldn’t help but hugged Li Chengtao. After Jinchang bloomed, Meng Xiaoxing used to be the lobby manager. Guan Xiaoguan was about to work hard on the dishes, and the shabby building asked Uncle Su Meng to discuss the issue of equity participation, and Su Meng went to the tea house to ask Li Chengtao to have dinner together at night.

Su Meng brought Meng Xiaoxing to the teahouse to look for Li Chengtao when she met Guan Xiaoguan. After hearing the voice, Li Chengtao hurriedly went downstairs and asked them to sit down. Su Meng’s words made Guan Xiaoguan very faceless, and Guan Xiaoguan left after she left. Before deliberately challenge.

Uncle Su Meng agrees to join Po Lanhou. Su Meng wants to make the restaurant full every day. She plans to use consignments to replace customers and reduce the number. Jin Changsheng’s business is so hot that Li Chengtao and Guan Xiaoguan can’t sit still. After Han Chunming went back, he found Su Meng and wanted to explain to her family. Su Meng asked him to go back and eat something quickly. Grandma Su told her not to say what her parents thought of him.

Han Chunming was a little annoyed when he learned about the restaurant. After he came to Jin Changsheng, he approached Meng Xiaoxing to ask about the reason. Han Chunming went to the teahouse and saw that Li Chengtao and Guan Xiaoguan were a bit disappointed. After hearing Li Chengtao’s words, he understood. Cheng Jianjun deliberately avoided Su Meng and stayed in the house of Brother Cai Xiaoli. Cai Xiaoli persuaded him not to always think about Han Chunming. Li Chengtao asked Han Chunming to take a look at Uncle Guan, and Han Chunming accused Guan Xiaoguan of leaving angrily.

After Han Chunming asked Uncle Guo and knew that Uncle Guan had a sequelae of mild cerebral thrombosis, he asked Su Meng what tricks he had used to make the teahouse turn into that way. Su Meng went to work without saying anything. When Han Chunming took the wine to see Uncle Guan, he saw that he was listening to the play. After returning home, he asked Meng Xiaoxing to return to his hometown to find his sister to take care of Uncle Guan. When Han Chunming saw Po Lanhou, he asked about the management strategy. Po Lanhou did not explain, and Han Chunming took the money to Hou Su’e.

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