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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 16 Recap

Su Meng was unable to be promoted to the deputy department in the unit because of the car. Han Chunming approached Cai Xiaoli and asked Cheng Jianjun. Cheng Jianjun went to Tianjin Port. He was hiding from Han Chunming deliberately. After Han Chunming asked Liu Ming, he learned the truth. After Su Meng returned home, she asked her family not to talk to Mother Han about the incident, but Grandma Su had explained the matter, and Han Chunming was accused by her family after returning home.

After Meng Xiaoxing got home, she asked her eldest sister and sister-in-law to go to the train station to recruit people to work as restaurant staff. Han Chunming did not explain to his family that Cheng Jianjun was behind the scenes.

Su Meng wanted to find face early in the bureau, and Han Chunming immediately went to the train station. After Hou Su’e went to the restaurant and asked to withdraw the shares, sister-in-law Han Chunming had an argument with her. Su Meng’s mother called her and said that her uncle came back to live in the Yunhu Hotel, and Han Chunming’s sister-in-law asked Meng Xiaoxing to help her dig the chef over, and threatened Meng Xiaoxing. Sister Han Chunming also quarreled with her sister-in-law, and his eldest sister left in anger. Meng Xiaoxing was asked by Guan Xiaoguan after returning to the tea house. She did not dare to tell the truth.

Uncle Su Meng was going to do business in Beijing after his divorce in Hong Kong. Su Meng’s mother didn’t know what to do, and her uncle insisted on staying. After Li Chengtao returned from Jin Changsheng, I saw that none of their chefs were found. Guan Xiaoguan called the chef to ask and knew that Meng Xiaoxing was digging the wall to solve. Li Chengtao didn’t want to care about Han Chunming’s face, and Guan Xiaoguan was a little angry. Sister Han went home and said that the restaurant would open the day after tomorrow. The family felt too sudden, and she wanted to send invitations.

Cheng Jianjun deliberately hid after seeing Su Meng. He lied that he didn’t know the car was detained. Cai Xiaoli’s words made Cheng Jianjun show his feet. After Su Meng left, Cai Xiaoli persuaded Cheng Jianjun. The Jinchangsheng Tavern opened as scheduled, but the kitchen chief of the teahouse was still poached. Guan Xiaoguan questioned Meng Xiaoxing. She was not angry. Uncle Guan was surprised when he saw the restaurant’s name change at the door. Su Meng took his uncle to celebrate. Li Chengtao did not blame them when he congratulated them in the past.

Li Chengtao took the opportunity to walk away after seeing Cheng Jianjun. Cheng Jianjun asked and learned that the person next to Su Meng was her uncle. After the guests invited by Jin Changsheng arrived in Qi, the food was not available. The chef led people away. Sister Han Chunming and sister-in-law quarreled in the kitchen. Meng Xiaoxing saw that the chef had left when he arrived.

After Li Chengtao returned to the teahouse and saw that Guan Xiaoguan was behind the scenes, he wanted to dismiss the kitchen chief and others. When Po Lanhou came to the restaurant and saw that the opening was bleak, Uncle Su Meng understood from the side that he wanted to leave the restaurant, and Uncle Guan agreed.

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