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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 15 Recap

Granny Su mainly focused on Han Chunming’s character, and Su Meng’s parents asked Granny Su to talk to Mother Han. Han Chunming was about to work his eldest sister and sister-in-law in the restaurant, but when he knew about it, he wanted to withdraw from the stock. Han Chunming tried to persuade him and asked him to meet with Uncle Guan at the tea house. Grandma Su asked Mother Han to discuss the marriage of Su Meng and Han Chunming, and both of them were very happy.

Han Chunming drove the imported car to pick him up. It was a gift he gave to Su Meng when he got married. Cheng Jianjun saw Han Chunming drive away. Uncle Guan came to the tea house and saw Shabby Hou. After meeting Shabby Hou, the two of them sat down and chanted poems to the wine. Shabby Hou Gan bowed down to the wind. Shabby Hou asked Hou Su’e to bring out 23 kinds of wine. After that, he was able to guess. He asked Shao Hou to choose one of his apprentices and granddaughters to guess. Guan Xiaoguan was selected as Shao Hou, and Guan Xiaoguan tasted three bowls at a time so Shao Hou was defeated again. He had to take it.

Uncle Guan knew that Po Lanhou would come to him one day, he persuaded Po Lanhou to teach his daughter well, and also let Po Lanhou learn how to be an elder. Po Lanhou decided to let his daughter join the management of Ju Banxian. After Cheng Jianjun went back and read the approval document, he found that Han Chunming drove a different car from the approval document, and Cheng Jianjun did not want to do it immediately. Mother Han told Han Chunming that Grandma Su came to talk about marriage, and Han Chunming was very happy.

Han Chunming gave the car key to Su Meng. Su Meng drove to the school. When he arrived at the school gate, his colleagues were onlookers. Suddenly someone from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau detained the vehicle in the name of smuggling. Su Meng keyed Han Chunming on the phone and Han Chunming arrived. Later, he wanted to ask Cheng Jianjun for help, but he still didn’t know that Cheng Jianjun was doing it from behind.

Han Chunming’s eldest sister and sister-in-law approached Hou Su’e to discuss the opening of the restaurant, and they wanted to change the name. Guan Xiaoguan taught Li Chengtao to use an abacus to keep accounts. Li Chengtao made rapid progress. Guan Xiaoguan wanted to squeeze the business of the restaurant opposite. After Han Chunming finished the call, he knew that Cheng Jianjun was in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. He explained to Su Meng that the owner of the car was from the Northeast, but he could not find it.

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