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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 14 Recap

The waiter was discovered by Guan Xiaoguan when she stole a drink. Guan Xiaoguan insisted on expelling her. Han Chunming felt that the punishment was too heavy and Guan Xiaoguan would not compromise in business. Han Chunming said that she could not make any concessions. Li Chengtao didn’t say anything. Meng Xiao Xing overheard at the door. Han Chunming asked Uncle Guan to talk to him, and Uncle Guan asked him to also open his restaurant and confront Guan Xiaoguan. Han Chunming was still thinking about the small enamel bowl in Uncle Guan’s hand. Uncle Guan asked him to bring the other three first.

Grandma Su felt good when seeing Han Chunming in a suit. She persuaded him to take the initiative to talk to Su Meng and asked him to send the dishes back. Han Chunming brought the dishes to Su Meng’s house. Su Meng was studying in the house. She asked questions. Han Chunming’s answer was fluent, and Han Chunming’s outfit made her admire. Shabby Hou Pan went to the restaurant opposite the tea house. He sent a page to Han Chunming. Han Chunming was making Su Meng happy. Su Meng proposed to marry. When Grandma Su walked in, seeing the two hugging each other, Han Chunming took the opportunity to leave.

After listening to her grandma, Su Meng realized that she had helped Han Chunming over. Su Meng worried that her parents would not agree, so Grandma Su agreed to persuade them. When Han Chunming saw the restaurant, the two of them took the restaurant. When the family knew that Han Chunming was going to open a restaurant, they were a little surprised.

Meng Xiaoxing praised him in front of his family. The family advised Han Chunming not to do illegal things. Chunming divides his own shares in the restaurant into six for his family, but does not want his family to mix it up. When Han Chunming told his family about marrying Su Meng, everyone was unbelievable. Meng Xiaoxing realized that he was out of play.

Han Chunming was about to name the restaurant Ju Banxian. That was Uncle Guan’s suggestion. After listening to it, he agreed. Su Meng interrupted when he saw Han Chunming and Hou Su’e talking together. Han Chunming told her about opening a restaurant. He also wanted to hold a wedding banquet in his restaurant. Han Chunming put the collected small enamel bowls in front of Uncle Guan, and even poured wine to him himself. Uncle Guan looked at the four small bowls and recalled the past.

The names of the four small bowls are the nicknames of the four Uncle Guan. Uncle Guan drank three bowls and Han Chunming drank one of them. Mother Han persuaded Su Meng to remind Han Chunming to spend all her energy on marriage. Su Meng told Han Chun that Cheng Jianjun felt a little uncomfortable when they knew they were about to get married. When Su Meng waited for her parents to return home, she said that she had reconciled with Han Chunming. She made up her mind to marry Han Chunming, but her family did not object.

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