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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 13 Recap

Li Chengtao learned to read books and wore a suit. Han Chunming and Yang Huajian were preparing to go to Hainan for business together. Yang Huajian advised him to dress more neatly, preferably with a BP machine. Han Chunming confirmed from Yang Huajian that Su Meng was only acting on the scene. Cheng Jianjun led people to watch Han Chunming closely, and he saw Han Chunming set off by plane in the car. Guan Xiaoguan suggested that Li Chengtao expel the people who bought the goods from the kitchen, and Li Chengtao should do it immediately.

Cheng Jianjun was prepared not to report, he wanted to wait until he discovered the smuggled car before doing it. Cheng Jianjun called Mr. Xu to verify the accounts, mainly to help Cai Xiaoli in business. Guan Xiaoguan asked Meng Xiaoxing to check the cleaning conditions of the waiters, and Meng Xiaoxing yelled at the waiters. Cai Xiaoli gave Han Mu a message to remind Han Chunming to be safe. Li Chengtao was going to remit the 200,000 in the account to Han Chunming, and Guan Xiaoguan reminded him that the risk was too great.

Li Chengtao arranged for the accountant to go to the bank to transfer the money to Han Chunming before Guan Xiaoguan went to work. Guan Xiaoguan stopped the accountant at the door of the bank. This made Li Chengtao very angry. When Li Chengtao accused Guan Xiaoguan, she took the bag and left. Meng Xiaoxing didn’t know it was. what happened.

After Cai Xiaoli saw Li Chengtao, she reminded him to let Han Chunming pay attention to safety. Han Chunming asked him to find a way to invite her back when he knew that he had dismissed Guan Xiaoguan. The car business procedures were all legal, and Yang Huajian had made preparations in advance. Li Chengtao encountered difficulties when visiting Guan Xiaoguan, and Meng Xiaoxing was unhappy when she wanted to learn Guan Xiaoguan.

Uncle Guan understands Han Chunming. He thinks Guan Xiaoguan shouldn’t stop Li Chengtao. Guan Xiaoguan opened the drawer of the kraft paper bag and saw the agreement. She realized that she was wrong, but felt ashamed to go back. Han Chunming sent the tea to herself All shares of the company were given to Guan Xiaoguan. Uncle Guan asked Li Chengtao at the door to look for Guan Xiaoguan. After Li Chengtao entered the house, he confessed to her mistake. Guan Xiaoguan was amused by him, and she forgave Li Chengtao.

When Li Chengtao and Guan Xiaoguan returned to the teahouse, they saw people go to the building. Only Meng Xiaoxing stayed in the office. Guan Xiaoguan asked her to find someone back immediately, and Li Chengtao promised to handle it for her. After Han Chunming and Yang Huajian got off the plane, they were taken away by the inspectors. Cheng Jianjun did not find the problem. He pretended to be good and let them go. Han Chunming left before Cheng Jianjun arrived. Han Chunming was deeply moved during his trip to Hainan, and Meng Xiaoxing saw that he was a little uncomfortable wearing a suit.

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