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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 12 Recap

When Su Meng went home, she saw Meng Xiaoxing being very enthusiastic in front of Han Chunming. She became even more angry and misunderstood their relationship. Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli were preparing to get married, and neighbors from the neighborhood came to celebrate. The arrival of Guan Xiaoguan made the tea house business better and better.

Han Chunming advised Li Chengtao to take good care of her and not to think about Cai Xiaoli all day. When Han Chunming returned home, he went to see Uncle Guan. After entering the door, he saw Uncle Guan was teasing the birds. Han Chunming asked him to drink in the teahouse. Uncle Guan knew that Cheng Jianjun was going to get married.

Uncle Guan asked Li Chengtao and others not to leave the teahouse for two days. Li Chengtao, Guan Xiaoguan, and Meng Xiaoxing agreed all at once, and Li Chengtao served with a good wine. The wedding of Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli was held as scheduled, Li Chengtao did not know yet. Han Chunming came to Cheng Jianjun’s wedding scene, Su Meng deliberately sat next to Yang Huajian to stimulate Han Chunming, and Han Chunming left jealous after listening.

Guan Xiaoguan reminded Meng Xiaoxing not to play in front of her in the future. She knew that Meng Xiaoxing was courageous. When Meng Xiaoxing was going out to find Han Chunming, she was stopped by Uncle Guan. Han Chunming quietly left and did not want them to know that Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli were married. In the matter, Meng Xiaoxing took the opportunity to sneak out and return home before learning that Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli were married.

She ran back to the teahouse in a hurry. After Meng Xiaoxing returned to the tea house, he told Li Chengtao about Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli’s marriage. Uncle Guan failed to stop him. Li Chengtao was anxious to ride over with his kitchen knife, and Guan Xiaoguan accused Meng Xiaoxing of talking too much.

When Li Chengtao was about to rush into the yard with a kitchen knife, he was knocked out from behind by Han Chunming and then carried away. Han Chunming carried Li Chengtao to Hou Su’e’s house and tied him up. He also covered his mouth with clothes. Han Chunming knew that Li Chengtao was uncomfortable. He did that. Don’t want to watch Li Chengtao commit a crime. Han Chunming taught Meng Xiaoxing afterwards, and Guan Xiaoguan kept her. In 1985, after the reform and opening up, the rural areas became richer. Aunt Han Chunming sent a lot of fresh vegetables. Brother Han moved a basket to Uncle Guo, and Han Chunming also sent some to the Cheng family.

Su Meng and Han Chunming are over 30 years old in a blink of an eye. They rarely talk. Han Chunming is a little anxious after seeing the person Su Meng’s dad introduced to her. He returns to the house and takes the vegetables to Grandma Su. In front of Han Chunming, he agreed to watch a movie with a blind date. Han Chunming left after pretending not to hear. She deliberately angered Han Chunming.

Grandma Su understood. Grandma Su also changed her opinion of Han Chunming. Su Meng also knew her. Misunderstood the relationship between Han Chundan and Meng Xiaoxing. Han Chunming noticed that Meng Xiaoxing and Li Chengtao had changed a lot in the tea house. He planned to go to Hainan and ask Li Chengtao to pay before he left.

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